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Earn Up To £500 By Sending Us Your Project Photos

Eelinn Vanquaethem

Published on: Sep 17, 2020

Last updated: Dec 16, 2020

Here at EnviroBuild, we are always on the lookout for projects that will inspire our future clients. To thank you for your time, you could get up to £500 cashback on your purchase if your project is up to scratch.

The level of reward is determined by our grading system in which applications will be considered based on the quality of your project and photos*, and the current demand for product-specific content. Here’s how our project reward scheme works:

Tier One: Feature in our inspiration gallery

Level One: Feature on Our Inspiration Portfolio

Tag us in your photos or send your pictures to projects@envirobuild.com for a chance to feature on our social media channels and our newsletters.

PRIZE: Our favourite project featured as a banner on our website for the whole of November 2020 - Congratulations Mai Jarvis for sending us photos of your beautiful project


Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest here to start tagging us in your photos:

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Tier Two: Feature as a case study

Level Two: Feature as a Case Study on Our Website

If you send in an interesting project, we may choose it to be used as a case study on our website providing tons of inspiration for homeowners, landscapers, and architects. See our case study page on the website for more information.

PRIZE: A cash reward of £50 or £100*


View Case Studies


Tier Three: Feature on our website and customer-facing materials

Level Three: Feature on Our Website and Other Materials

Exceptional projects that are sent to us, may be professionally photographed and used across our website. Your project will also feature in some of our brochures and other customer-facing materials.

PRIZE: A cash reward of £100 or £200*


See a Brochure


Tier Four: Feature as an installation video

Level Four: Feature in an Installation Video

Send us your project plans for a chance to participate in a short 'grand designs' style video. Once installed, your project could also appear as a case study and be used across our website and our promotional materials.

PRIZE: A cash reward of £500


Watch Installation Videos


Send Us Your Project

Click here to send your project plans and photos for a chance to get £500 cashback on your purchase.

Send Us Your Photos


If you have any questions in regard to our Project Reward Scheme, please email projects@envirobuild.com.

Please note that by sending us your photos, you agree to these being used on our social media and newsletters. If your project is selected, the photos may also be used across our website and promotional materials. Please also let us know whether you wish to be tagged in project photos posted on social media and in newsletters or whether you prefer to remain anonymous.
* The reward you receive is dependent on the quality of the photos you provide. If you can provide us with high quality photos, the reward will be higher. If we need to send out a photgrapher, we'd still like to thank you for your time and allowing us to use your project across marketing materials, but the reward may be smaller.