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EnviroBuild Pricing Changes for 2019

Stephen Barrett

Published on: Nov 30, 2018

Last updated: Dec 03, 2018


EnviroBuild will be increasing the pricing of some of our products on 1st January 2019.

EnviroBuild prides itself on offering a sustainable alternative without compromising on cost or quality, and we’ve worked hard with our supply chain on maintaining prices. Since 2016 we’ve managed to achieve this, but rising costs have left us no option but to pass some of the costs on.

All existing quotes will be honoured until 31st December 2018. If you wish to lock in the lower prices then you can purchase now for delivery any time next year.

Our complete price list is available here, but the main upcoming pricing changes are listed below.

  • Pioneer Decking to £41.25 (9% increase)
  • Frontier Decking to £59.70 (5% increase)
  • Fencing - £175 per panel (no change)
  • Pioneer Cladding £33.50 (7% increase)
  • Sentinel Cladding £39.99 (no change)

Further details can be given by our sales team who would be happy to provide any necessary information and answer questions. They can be contacted via email at info@envirobuild.com, or by phone at +44 (0) 208 088 4888