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How our Sisu LVT Warranty Compares to That of Competitors

Eelinn Vanquaethem Dec 06, 2019
Flooring Lvt Sisu Warranty

When buying luxury vinyl tiles, you’re not only looking at usefulness and appearance, but also for something durable that’s backed up by a full, long-lasting warranty. At EnviroBuild, we encourage you to take advantage of our Sisu luxury vinyl tiles warranty that comes automatically with your purchase at no additional cost.

How long is your LVT covered for?

If you’re looking for a long-lasting warranty on your vinyl tiles, Sisu is a top contender. With up to 35 years residential warranty on both our dryback and click system tiles, it is one of the best warranties on the market guaranteeing the durability of Sisu LVT.

The following table shows the residential warranties of some of our competitors. The warranties used to compare with Sisu LVT warranty are those for vinyl tiles who have a wear layer closest to Sisu Click tiles (0.3mm).

Sisu LVT warranty compared to that of other brandsDisclaimer: The details in the table were collected on the 27th of November 2019. For any up-to-date warranty details, please visit the supplier’s website. Please note that not every company uploads their warranties online. Where information wasn’t found on the corresponding websites, ‘N/A’ has been inserted. If you wish to find out the exact details of all warranties, consult the suppliers directly. "Lifetime" means the number of years a supplier's warranty lasts and doesn't have any additional connotations.

Our commercial warranty for Sisu LVT also matches that of industry leaders, such as Amtico. It covers the collection for up to 10 years in which you could qualify for a replacement of your Sisu LVT flooring or a refund of your purchase when you discover a defect.

What is covered in your warranty?

Like most of our competitors, our Sisu LVT warranty covers material defects in workmanship and materials, meaning that the manufacturer has made a mistake when producing the tiles. Therefore, it’s important to check your products carefully when you initially receive your order for any faults.

On top of this, our residential warranty also covers scrapes and scuffs on the flooring’s layer that has the wood grain or stone colour and pattern.

Our warranty surpasses that of competitors when looking at staining. Sisu LVT should be resistant to permanent staining from regular household substances, such as dirt, grease and oil if it is cleaned using soap and water or a mild cleaner within a week. If a stain remains, your Sisu LVT flooring will be warranted. This is often not included in the warranty of other LVT suppliers.

What if you sell your property?

We realise that people renovate their homes prior to selling to increase its value or simply because they want to move. That’s why we allow our residential Sisu LVT warranty to be transferred one time within five years after the flooring was bought. Warranty claims should therefore be easier to deal with for you and the next owner of your property.

Sisu LVT residential warranty compared to commercial warranty

Our long-lasting and extensive warranty for Sisu LVT backs up our trust in the durability of our flooring ensuring you get to enjoy your indoor space to the fullest. If you are interested in learning more about our warranties or our Sisu luxury vinyl tiles, contact us on indoor-flooring@envirobuild.com or call us on +44 (0) 203 927 7376 to speak to our indoor flooring team who’ll be more than happy to help you.


Please note: This blog article is only in relation to our Sisu Luxury Vinyl Tiles warranty. Click here to view the warranty related to our Forbo luxury vinyl tiles collection and here to view our Sisu Laminate warranty.

DISCLAIMER: It is the customer’s responsibility to determine whether they can place a valid warranty claim. Click here to download and view our full Sisu LVT warranty. It is also the customer’s responsibility to notify EnviroBuild in writing to the following email address info@envirobuild.com if they wish to make a claim within the warranty period.