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Make The Most Of Our 50% Deposit Scheme

Stephen Barrett

Published on: Dec 06, 2018

Last updated: Dec 07, 2018

Pay Half Now & Half Later

As you may know, some of our prices are increasing next year, however all existing quotes will be honoured until 31st December 2018. For those of you keen to lock in our 2018 prices, we are now offering a 50% Deposit Scheme in order to hand even more flexibility over to you. If you're wanting to avoid the 2019 price increase, you can pay half of your order now and we can hold the stock until you wish to receive your product next year.

We can guarantee to have your order held until you're ready, at which point you can give us a call to pay the remaining 50% balance. Once your order is completed you'll receive your goods within 5 working days*. A complete price list is available here, but headlines on our major price changes can be found below.

    • Pioneer Decking to £41.25 (9% increase)
    • Frontier Decking to £59.70 (5% increase)
    • Fencing - £175 per panel (no change)
    • Pioneer Cladding £33.50 (7% increase)
    • Sentinel Cladding £39.99 (no change)

Further details can be given by our sales team who would be happy to provide any necessary information and answer questions. They can be contacted via email at info@envirobuild.com, or by phone at +44 (0) 208 088 4888

* for mainland England and Wales