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Where to Start with Luxury Vinyl Tiles?

Eelinn Vanquaethem Jul 29, 2019
Flooring Lvt Sisu

With wood, tile, laminate and vinyl indoor flooring on the market, it can be difficult to choose the perfect option for your home or commercial space. It is always a question of whether you want it to be durable, easily maintainable, or simply stylish. Recent technological developments may have made your option a little easier as luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) combine all of these benefits into one beautifully crafted flooring option.

wicker basket on grey limestone luxury vinyl tiles

What is LVT?

Luxury vinyl floor tiling is designed to look and feel like real wood or stone and is engineered to last and be ultra-low maintenance. The multiple layers of LVT flooring have made it an ideal option for your bedroom and living room, and as it’s water-resistant it is also a great option for bathroom vinyl flooring and kitchen vinyl flooring.

EnviroBuild’s Sisu LVT collection is an industry-leading sustainable option as it repurposes waste PVC materials. Sisu also has five different wood styles and four stone options, including grey vinyl flooring and white vinyl flooring among many other colour options, to ensure your flooring matches your décor.

Click or Dryback tiles

click luxury vinyl tiling diagram

dryback luxury vinyl tile flooring

The Sisu range has two options when it comes to laying vinyl floor tiles: Click or Dryback.

Click flooring often does not have as thick of a wear layer as dryback, making it more suitable for residential use with less intense footfall. It is however, easier to install as it doesn’t require any expert knowledge, equipment or adhesive, making it the ideal choice for flooring at home or in small commercial areas.

Dryback is more suitable for large commercial spaces or areas with high traffic due to its thicker wear layer. However, it needs to be laid with adhesive and often requires a professional to install.

Whichever one you choose, both have a long warranty with Sisu Dryback flooring having a 10 year commercial warranty and the Click option coming with a 25 year residential warranty.

What makes LVT durable?

luxury vinyl tile dissected into six layers

LVT is composed of six layers to ensure the tiles are durable, easy to maintain and waterproof. At the bottom of the tile, there is a robust vinyl base layer which prevents curling, keeping the LVT lying flat. On top of this there is glass fibre specified for dimensional stability and to dampen sounds and the perfectly compounded support structure layered on this helps to achieve even and precise tile laying. The high definition print honours nature with unparalleled beauty and depth as the detailed design layer gives the authentic and realistic appearance of natural stone or wood. The wear layer, which is what makes LVT so durable, is toughened to tackle even the most demanding environments. It is scratch resistant making it perfect for pet owners and also has a stain guarding technology built-in to make it easy to maintain. The final layer is UV protected to ensure the vinyl floor tiling won’t fade in colour due to sunlight.


What are the benefits of LVT?

  • 100% moisture resistant
  • Antistatic
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Commercial grade wear layer
  • Sound reducing
  • Naturally warmer than stone or wood
  • DIY installation
  • Can be used on any flat subflooring