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Composite Cladding Installation: Step-by-step Tutorial

If you’re looking to install the perfect cladding for your home, EnviroBuild is here to help. With our top-tips, recommendations and a step-by-step tutorial, you can ensure a quality finish with ease. More detailed information on figuring out the amount of Hyperion composite cladding required can be found in our installation guide, along with the use of our handy online cladding calculator.

    • When planning your project, allow 5% extra material for wastage.
    • Make sure to use a breathable waterproof membrane or waterproof membrane on the exterior wall.
    • When installing the batten centres with screws and rawl plugs, ensure that they are no more than 600 mm apart.
    • If needed, double up on joists to fit butt joints across the cladding.
    • Use the chalk line when installing the first row of fasteners in order to  keep them even, making sure the cladding will be a minimum of 2 cm from the ground.
    • Use our Sentinal hidden clip fasteners for fast and secure installation, along with a stylish finish showing no visible screws.
    • Make sure to leave a suitable gap at the butt joints to allow for expansion.
    • When trimming to size at the top edge of the cladding, use a straight board in order to guide your circular saw. This will give a crisper edge and top your cladding off with a smooth quality finish.