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How-To Guide: Decking Pedestals

Installing decking and paving can be a daunting task, so EnviroBuild have put together how-to videos in order to make things as simple as possible for you. With our top-tips and video tutorials, you can ensure both a quality finish and a swift installation. A detailed guide for our pedestals can be found on our website's resource centre.

MESA Support Pedestals are the most intelligent, robust and sustainable decking joist and paver support feet in the market, made from 90% recycled plastic. By twisting the pedestals you can easily adjust their height, making them incredibly versatile and simple to install. They can support loads of up to 1000 Kg and come with a 20 year limited warranty, ensuring peace of mind when installing your dream decking or paving. With heights ranging from 10 mm to 1280 mm, these support pedestals will give you complete control.

Installation Tips:
    • Mitre down the corner trim at 45 degrees in order to place next to each other at wall edges.
    • Pre-drill and countersink before screwing the trim down.
    • If you are worried about visible screws, you can purchase coloured screws and screwcaps from general builders merchants.