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Indoor Flooring

Sisu Click Installation: Step-by-step Tutorial

If you’re looking to install the perfect luxury vinyl tiles for your home, EnviroBuild is here to help. With our top-tips, recommendations and a step-by-step tutorial, you can ensure a quality finish with ease. More detailed information on figuring out the amount of Sisu LVT Click is required can be found in our installation guide, along with the use of our handy online LVT calculator which can be found when ordering your Sisu LVT. 

    • When planning your project, allow 5% extra material for wastage.
    • Ensure that you acclimatise your tiles by leaving your boxed Sisu packs in the room for 48 hours, laid flat and under the typical heating conditions of the room (ideally 15-20°C)
    • Before fitting Sisu, your subfloor must be solid, smooth, level, clean, dry and dust-free. Remove all furniture from the room and then brush and vacuum the floor
    • Use 5 mm expansion gaps at the perimeter of the room and around objects and pipes
    • Check each tile sufficiently before and during installation. Do not use tiles with visible defects.