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Rattan made from 100% recycled plastic

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Luxury hand-woven, sustainable rattan furniture byGarden Furniture

Bring your family and friends together around the beautifully hand-woven rattan sets perfect for garden entertaining. With a variety of designs and colour schemes available, Galleon garden furniture will make any outdoor space come to life. All of our garden furniture sets come with a 30 day money back guarantee and free returns, for that ultimate peace of mind.

Low maintenance & easy to clean

30 day money back guarantee and free returns

Hand woven uniquely coloured weaves

Anti-fade weave

12 year structural warranty

Made from recycled material

Why choose Luxury Rattan Furniture?

Revive your garden terrace with our wide selection of beautifully sustainable outdoor furniture. Designed in a range of modern and traditional styles to suit every outdoor space, all of our ranges have been carefully selected to be robust and hardwearing, meaning you spend less time on maintenance and more time relaxing in your great outdoors.

All of the garden furniture is engineered with high levels of recycled material that can be recycled again. Saving these materials from landfill, giving them value and recycling them into a long life products that can be recycled again, is our harmonious solution to sustainable living.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Rattan Garden Furniture

What is synthetic rattan?

Synthetic rattan is used for the weave of many garden furniture sets, including Galleon garden furniture. It is a sturdy fibre that has been man-made from plastic and, as a result, is weatherproof and requires little maintenance.

The Galleon collection has been handwoven in uniquely coloured synthetic weaves to resemble real rattan. The rattan used for Galleon garden furniture is also crafted using 100% recycled PE plastic waste, which can be recycled again.

What are the benefits of synthetic rattan garden furniture?

Unlike traditional rattan, synthetic rattan has weatherproof properties. It is crafted to be UV resistant and waterproof meaning that it’s much more suited for outdoor furniture than real rattan. On top of this, synthetic rattan is also stronger; it does not contain the natural fibres that can be the downfall of real rattan. These properties ensure that synthetic rattan garden furniture is easier to maintain giving you more time to relax in your garden.

Galleon Garden Furniture

Does your garden furniture come with cushions?

All Galleon garden furniture sets come with cushions perfectly fit for the design of the set. We have included the colour of the cushions and the number of cushions you will receive with your order in the product description of each garden furniture set.

Some of the images used to represent Galleon garden furniture sets may include a throw and decorative pillows. Please note that these were solely used for decorative purposes and will not come with your order.

All Galleon garden furniture cushions are made exclusively of the highest quality weatherproof materials, and its covers are machine washable on a low max. 30°C.

Is your garden furniture weatherproof?

Galleon garden furniture has been engineered to last far beyond standard rattan products. Both the rattan weave and the cushions are weatherproof. The recycled weave is UV resistant and won’t fade in the sun. The cushions and the rattan weave are both also waterproof.

Despite these great benefits, we do recommend using an outdoor cover for your garden furniture sets and storing cushions inside. This will enhance the longevity of the Galleon garden furniture sets.

Do I get an outdoor cover for the garden furniture sets?

To find out which size is the right one for your garden furniture set, please go on the set’s product page and the correct cover should be available for selection under the ‘Complete Your Project’ section. Alternatively, contact a member of our team on 020 3820 7455 to find out the best garden furniture cover for your set.  

How big are your garden furniture sets?

The Galleon garden furniture collection has been designed for cosy balconies to expansive gardens, therefore the sizes vary from set to set. To find out the correct size of the garden furniture set you wish to order, please check the product descriptions. We have also included 2D diagrams with the correct measurements which can be found under the product images.

What colours do your garden furniture sets come in?

Designed in a range of modern and traditional styles, Galleon garden furniture comes in a variety of colours. The Livingstone sofa sets, Astor dining sets, and Serica dining sets are also available in two different styles ensuring you find a style that suits your outdoor space.

Is assembly required?

Some of the Galleon garden furniture sets will require a quick and easy installation. To find out if the set you’re interested in needs to be assembled, please refer to the product description. We also aim to make assembly as quick and easy as possible and have provided step-by-step installation guides on our website. The easy-to-follow installation guides can be found here.

How do I clean my garden furniture set?

To clean the rattan, please use a moist cloth to wipe down the garden furniture and glass on the tables. Refrain from using harsh chemicals as this may fade the colour of the weave.

To wash the cushions, please remove the pillows from their covers and wash the covers at a max. 30°C. Please air dry them and do not put them in a tumble drier as this can cause them to shrink.

How much warranty do you offer on your garden furniture?

Galleon garden furniture comes with 12 years limited warranty. The cushions that come with the Galleon garden furniture sets come with one-year limited warranty.

You can find the full warranty here.

Environmental Pledge

Is Galleon garden furniture environmentally friendly?

With rattan made from 100% high quality recycled PE plastic, Galleon garden furniture is revolutionising sustainable solutions for your garden. We focus on sourcing waste wood and single-use plastics, diverting them from landfill and transforming them into beautiful, high-quality, long-life products.

With the shared goal of environmental protection and sustainable progression, Rainforest Trust UK has partnered with the Galleon brand. Every Galleon purchase is making a difference, with each garden furniture set helping to save up to 7.17 acres of Rainforest. Accurate information on the coverage of land being safeguarded by your Galleon purchase is stated in its product description. More information on this partnership can be found here.

The Manticore plastic benches we supply are also made using 100% recycled mixed plastics from post-consumer waste that is currently un-usable by conventional recycling methods.


How else is EnviroBuild sustainable?

We ensure that the materials we supply are certified with; a high recycled content & recyclability level, long working life, plus where possible, the manufacturing process incorporates environmentally beneficial best practices. To go a step further, we donate 10% of our profits to sustainable causes to help become a carbon negative business. Read more about our environmental pledge here.


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With a variety of designs and colour schemes available, Galleon garden furniture will make any outdoor space come to life. As it is easy to assemble, our clients have used the variety of sustainable set...

With a variety of designs and colour schemes available, Galleon garden furniture will make any outdoor space come to life. As it is easy to assemble, our clients have used the variety of sustainable sets as patio furniture and balcony seating, and in verandas and garden rooms. Bring your family and friends together around the beautifully hand-woven rattan sets perfect for garden entertaining. If you do change your mind, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.


Swimming Pools


Bars and Pubs


Hotels and Gardens

Created with peace and tranquillity in mind, Galleon garden furniture is perfect around pools and spas with its shower proof fabric cushions. The UV protected and weatherproof rattan is in those situations an added benefit. On our social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, you may also have seen our garden furniture sets appear in public areas ranging from bars and pubs to office terraces. As Galleon garden furniture is not only easy to install and maintain but also extremely durable, it’s no surprise that it can be found in hotels and on roof gardens as well.

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