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Non-combustible solutions for all recess, inset, bolt-on balconies & terraces.

EnviroBuild provide non-combustible materials and systems that are specified to meet the latest demands in fire safety legislation. Get in contact today with our expert team on 020 8088 4888 or email us at commercial@envirobuild.com


The European fire resistance standard for construction products is BS EN 13501-1. A series of rigorous independent testing is used to classify products into seven distinct categories, the highest of which are A1 and A2.


A1: Non-combustible (no contribution to fire). A2: Limited combustibility - Very limited contribution to fire.

In addition, there are two more classifications that look at further key fire safety elements, smoke generation and the development of burning droplets and/or particles.

Smoke Development

S1: Very limited amount of combustion gases. S2: Limited amount of combustion gases. S3: No requirement for development of combustion gases.

Burning Droplets

D0: No burning droplets or particles emitted. D1: Limited quantities of burning droplets or particles emitted, D2: No requirement for development of burning droplets or particles.

Technical Downloads

We aim to provide architects, contractors, developers and homeowners with a variety of support materials, technical component information and system assembly advice to ensure a complete solution for the specification of fire safe balcony decking for new construction and retrofit projects.

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Please choose your desired solution

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