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Sisu LVT

Sustainable Workspaces

Sustainable Workspaces is a forward-thinking community of innovative businesses, all of which are uniquely orientated around sustainable development. With the recent creation of their third and largest site, Sustainable Bankside II, Sustainable Workspaces required an indoor flooring with durability, variety and sustainability to furnish the communal working area of their new office space.

The Solution

With an impressive wear layer and glass fibre technology, our Dryback Luxury Vinyl Tiles by Sisu are highly durable and can be installed without any worries of rotting, warping or splintering. Due to their stain and water-proof nature, these tiles require very little maintenance, making them a valuable addition to any commercial space. The contrasting blend of Natural Oak & Rustic Oak opens up the natural aesthetic of the communal area, delivering a beautiful, practical and sustainable solution for this project.

Sisu LVT
Sisu LVT

Customer Feedback

“At Sustainable Workspaces we always want to make the environmental choice, but during something like an office fit-out, which is a huge undertaking with lots of factors to consider, it's not always a straightforward decision. Fortunately, we really didn't have to look further than EnviroBuild; the Sisu Vinyl Tiles instantly shone out and ticked all the boxes. The quality you get at the price point is outstanding and made the perfect fit for our high traffic office walkways.”

Project Details

Client: Sustainable Workspaces

Size: 140m²

Colours: Natural Oak and Rustic Oak

Product: Sisu Dryback Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Location: Central London

Sisu LVT