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composite cladding benefits


Wood Polymer Composite cladding (WPC Cladding) is made from recycled wood and plastic that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. By recycling this material into a long life product, which can again be recycled in the future, is a harmonious solution to sustainable living.

Hyperion composite products are made from 60% recycled wood fibres and 40% recycled High Density Polyethylene, environmentally gentle bonding agent, additives and tint.

Hyperion composite cladding benefits
composite cladding benefit Enjoy your time outside. Your outdoor cladding will look great year after year as it effortlessly withstands the elements
composite cladding benefit Reduce wasteful, time consuming and costly replacement cycle with cladding that will not split, splinter, warp or rot
composite cladding benefit Low maintenance cladding, never needing to be stained or treated, further reducing the cost to you and the environment
composite cladding benefit Saving trees and the environment; not 1 tree is felled manufacturing Hyperion Cladding, plus it's 100% recyclable
composite cladding benefit Your cladding will add value to your home and your wellbeing by creating a beautiful outdoor living space
composite cladding benefit Secure tounge and groove installation system with matching accessories to protect against mother nature
composite cladding benefit Up to 15 years limited residential warranty on Hyperion Cladding products for your peace of mind
composite cladding benefit Quick and easy to install with hidden fastening system, plus it can be cut and fixed with standard woodworking tools


composite cladding manufacturing


60% of Hyperion composite cladding is made up of reclaimed wood that would otherwise end up in a landfill. By using reclaimed sawdust, not 1 tree has been cut down to make the cladding products.
composite cladding manufacturing


Recycled plastic is then combined with the recycled wood to make the high performance composite cladding. The most common everyday household plastic waste is turned into beautiful and sustainable products.
composite cladding manufacturing


Almost 100% of factory waste and off-cuts are recycled back into the manufacturing process in a closed loop system. Nothing gets wasted.
composite cladding manufacturing


Supplying high quality and sustainable living solutions is just part of how we want to help our planet. We are committed to doing more, which is why we dedicate a proportion of our profits to supporting high impact environmental causes.
composite cladding manufacturing
Reclaimed wood and plastic granules are purchased
composite cladding manufacturing
Material is inspected and cleaned of impurities
composite cladding manufacturing
The reclaimed material is combined and heated
composite cladding manufacturing
A pliable mixture is created for molding
composite cladding manufacturing
Profile dies are used to form the mixture into boards
composite cladding manufacturing
The boards are rested and cut to length
composite cladding manufacturing
Each board is inspected for quality control
composite cladding manufacturing
Finished boards are packed and shipped