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Q. Where can I use Hyperion Decking or Cladding?
A. The versatile Hyperion product range can be used in a variety of locations, both residential and commercial. Most common are for inside and outside communal areas, balconies, pool sides as well as many more practical uses.

Q. What colours do your products come in?
A. Hyperion Decking comes in a variety of colours. For the Pioneer range we have the natural browns: Oak and Walnut, then the modern greys: Granite, Stone and Silver Birch. Our Frontier range consists of Slate, Marble, Iroko and Teak finishes.

Q. Will the colour fade over time?
A. Like any uncapped wood plastic composite board, the deck boards will lighten as they naturally weather over the first 2-3 months of outdoor exposure before stabilising. The board lightening is caused by rain washing out naturally occurring dark wood oils (called tannins) and natural lightening from UV exposure. 

The colour change is most noticeable in the lighter colours: Oak, Silver Birch and Stone, where the contrast between the coloured tannins and initial board colour is larger. As the board weathers, the grains subtle contrast eventually derives almost entirely through how the different textures reflect light rather than a genuine colour differential.

For this reason it is often preferable to lay lighter colours groove side up. 

Q. How slippery does the decking become when wet?
A. Hyperion Decking is designed with micro-grooves that aid in slip-resistance. Regardless of conditions, our ranges can outperform timber, however, we will recommend extra caution if the decking becomes wet. A full slip resistance report can be found here.

Q. How do your products react when exposed to water?
A. Hyperion products are designed to take on very little water (c.1%). Our ranges have a much lower absorption rate than timber which heavily reduces the likelihood of wet rot over a longer period of time.

Q. Are your products fire proof?
A. Composite products do have a higher combustion temperature than timber which makes it less likely to catch fire. The fire resistance rating for the Pioneer range of Hyperion Decking can be found here and the Pioneer range cladding can be found here.

Q. How do I know how much decking, cladding or fencing I will need?
A. In order to work out how much material you would require, we first ask you to take measurements of your proposed decking, cladding or fencing area(s). You can then input these measurements into our industry leading online calculators, which will automatically calculate out how much decking or cladding you will require. Alternatively, you can call us on 0208 088 4888 and we will happily provide you a quote over the phone.

Q. What size boards does your decking come in?
A. Hyperion Decking boards comes in 4m lengths (+-5mm). Dependent on the size of your proposed decking area, this will determine which size length you should be using. Please feel free to consult the expert EnviroBuild advisers for more advice.



Q. What fixings do you recommend to install your products?
A. We strongly advise using the correct fixings listed on the website when installing Hyperion products. Composite material is subject to expansion and contraction under changes in temperature, the fixings listed allow the products to expand and contract freely, so as not to damage the products over time. We can help you estimate the total fixings required for installation, but should you require more fixings these are available to order as separate components on our website.

Q. Do I need to have spacing and gaps between products?
A. As composite and plastic material expands and contract down the length of the product from changes in temperature, we do always require adequate expansion spacing left at the end of each product. The correct spacing required can be found in the installation guide of each product.

Q. What tools are required for installation?
A. To install Hyperion or Manticore products you will only require basic woodwork tools, Hand Drill and lmpact Driver. We recommend using a 3mm and countersink all-in- one smart bit and power mitre saw to help with the speed and accuracy of the installation. If you wish to cut the boards to size then we recommend a Circular Saw with a thin kerf 40-tooth alternate top bevel finish blade to achieve the cleanest cuts.

Q. Do your products come with an installation guide?
A. Yes, all of the products listed on the website come with an easy to understand and downloadable installation guide that we strongly recommend using.

Q. Do you have recommended installers I can use?
A. EnviroBuild has an extensive network of recommended installers who we trust to bring your plans to reality. We have chosen these installers for their high quality of work and professionalism, but as with any third party, we recommend that you follow your own precautions before entering into a contract with them. 



Q. Does the decking or cladding require painting/treating?
A. Hyperion products are already coloured so do not require painting at all. Also, due to the plastic content within Hyperion products there is no need for any further treatment. This also makes it easy to clean.

Q. Can your products get marked?
A. Hyperion products are manufactured to withstand the elements, but to ensure their lasting beauty we recommend taking extra care when moving plant pots and furniture, etc around your deck. Any marks will naturally weather and blend in with the rest of the board after 2-3 months. Natural tannin water marks may also appear in the first 1-2 months after installing Hyperion Pioneer range products. This is the natural tannin oils being released from the wood powder and will wash away over time or can be remover with warm soapy water.

Q. How do I clean my Hyperion products?
A. Hyperion can be cleaned in a variety of ways dependent on the mark or stain you need to remove, please consult the care & maintenance guidelines for further guidance. In the first instance you can try cleaning your deck or cladding surface with soapy warm water and a soft bristled brush.

Q. What cleaning products or soap can I use?
A. Using a standard household washing up liquid will be effective when cleaning Hyperion products, do not use any cleaners stronger than this or any cleaners containing a bleaching agent. For any assistance please call our team on 0208 088 4888.



Q. Can I return my products if I have not used them?
A. We do offer a Mainland England and Wales return service for our products and can accept returns so long as they are in perfect condition. There may be a collection charge and a 15% restocking fee applied to any refund due, which will be £199.99 (inc. VAT) on any items which cannot be returned via a national parcel delivery service. Otherwise it will be at the customer's expense to return the items to EnviroBuild's central warehouse.

You must notify us of your wish to return any goods to us within 14 days of receipt of the goods. Please call our Customer Support team either by email returns@envirobuild.com or calling 0203 959 1221 stating your reason for return. You then have a further 14 days to return the goods to us. We will provide you with a returns form which must be attached to the goods being returned.

The full terms and conditions can be found here.



Q. Are my products covered and by what sort of warranty?
A. A limited manufacturer's warranty is offered on all products listed on the EnviroBuild website, which can be found here. These warranties will cover you in case of product failure under normal use and conditions, also from manufacturing defects. Please ensure you read the full product warranty carefully before purchasing.



Q. What is your standard delivery time?
A. Our standard delivery time is 3-5 working days.

Q. Can you do next day delivery?
A. We are able to offer next day delivery so long as your order is placed before noon but with an additional delivery charge may be incurred.

Q. Do you deliver to Scotland and Northern Ireland?
A. Yes we do deliver to Scotland and Northern Ireland, if your order consists of items which are maximum 2.2m in length then the standard delivery charges apply (including free delivery for orders over £1000). However, due to the cost of haulage, for longer items (such as 4m decking boards or 3m joists) then additional charges will apply, please speak to the team to find out more.

Q. Do you deliver internationally?
A. We are able to delivery internationally upon request. Please call us on 0208 088 4888 if you require this service.