How to create a Bridgerton Regency Garden

Be the diamond of the season by creating your own Bridgerton inspired garden. Explore our guide to embracing the Bridgeton regency garden trend at home.

If you're captivated by the romantic allure of the Bridgerton series and looking to bring a touch of Regency-era charm to your own home, why not consider creating a Bridgerton-inspired garden? A Bridgerton Regency garden encapsulates the elegance, symmetry, and refined beauty of the period, evoking the romantic ambiance that transports you back in time.

How to create a Bridgeton Regency Inspired Garden

Gardens and florals are at the heart of The Bridgerton series. Each with their unique personalities whilst sharing some key features that evoke the charm and refinement of the regency era. From symmetrical layouts and formal plantings to classical architectural elements and fragrant blooms, discover how to bring the romance of Bridgerton to your outdoor space as we explore the secrets to creating your very own Bridgerton Regency garden.

Layout & Symmetry

Regency gardens are known for their balanced and symmetrical layouts. Consider incorporating a central focal point, such as a fountain, a classical statue, or a gazebo. Symmetrical paths, lawns, and flowerbeds radiating from the centre will create a visually pleasing effect. You can use geometric shapes like circles, squares, or rectangles to define different areas within the garden.
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Bridgerton Inspired Planting

Plants are at the heart of the series, bring the magic to your own garden by choosing from of the shows firm favourites.
  • Roses are quintessential for a Bridgerton-inspired garden. Choose varieties with delicate, fragrant blooms in soft colours like pinks, whites, and apricots. Old English Roses, Bourbon Roses, and Damask Roses are excellent choices.
  • Add a touch of opulence with some Peonies. Opt for for lush, double-blossomed varieties in shades of pink, white, or red.
  • Lavender not only offers beautiful blooms but also releases a lovely fragrance. Its soft purple hues and slender foliage are reminiscent of the Regency era. Consider planting Lavandula angustifolia varieties.
  • Tall and stately, hollyhocks provide vertical interest in the garden. Their vibrant flowers in shades of pink, purple, white, and yellow are reminiscent of traditional cottage gardens.
  • Boxwood is a classic choice for creating hedges and topiary forms. Its dense, evergreen foliage adds structure and formality to the garden.
  • Hydrangeas bring a touch of nostalgia with their large, lush blooms. Opt for varieties with pastel-coloured flowers, such as pinks, blues, and purples.
  • To recreate a whimsical, elegant feel of the Bridgerton family home add Wisteria to your garden. Adorn your pergola, or garden will with Wisteria to create a magical focal point, or create a decadent impact by planting wisteria in spring against strong wire support around your house
These flowers capture the romantic and refined ambiance of the Regency era, and their presence in the Bridgerton series adds to the overall aesthetic and visual appeal of the show. Incorporating these flowers into your own garden will help create an authentic and enchanting atmosphere.

Incorporating Climbing Plants

Create a regency era statement with some climbing plants. Climbing plants such as Wisteria, Clematis montana and Sweet Peas work well with most structures and create a striking effect in any space. Grow these up against a wire stand, pergola, wall, or fence, they will add drama and height to your garden. For a soft and romantic colour pallet pick; pastels, and muted shades of pinks, blues, and purples.

Formal Regency Planting

One way to create the elegance of the regency area is by opting for formal planting. Choose plants and flowers that exhibit a formal and traditional style. Focus on neat, manicured hedges, topiaries, and geometrically shaped flower beds. Classic choices like roses, peonies, lavender, and hollyhocks are great options.

Romantic Colour Palettes

Embrace soft, pastel colours and delicate hues. Select a colour palette that evokes romance and elegance. Whites, pinks, purples, and blues are reminiscent of the era. Incorporate these shades through flower selections, ornamental features, and even furniture or décor.

Hardscape & Architectural Elements

Integrate classical architectural elements into your garden design. Add stone or brick pathways, decorative fencing, or a pergola. Strategically place classical statues, urns, and obelisks throughout the garden. These elements provide structure and a sense of regency era.

Water Features:

Include a small ornamental fountain or reflective pond to introduce tranquillity and charm. Water features were prominent in Regency gardens. The gentle sound of water adds a soothing atmosphere and a touch of opulence.

Outdoor seating:

Create an inviting seating area in your garden. Select elegant and comfortable furniture, such as wrought iron benches, cast-iron chairs, or a charming wooden bench. Adorn seating areas with plush cushions in soft fabrics and floral patterns to enhance the period ambiance. For a modern twist on the area opt for classical rattan outdoor furniture with plush neutral cushions.

Outdoor Lighting

Extend the enjoyment of your garden into the evening with appropriate lighting. Choose period-inspired outdoor lanterns or candles placed strategically along paths and seating areas. Soft, warm lighting adds a magical glow, creating a romantic and enchanting atmosphere.
Select your favourite Bridgerton inspired elements and infuse your own creativity to create the elegant regency era garden of your dreams.