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Our Guide to Finding your Dream Garden Furniture
Discover expert tips for selecting the perfect garden furniture set in our comprehensive guide! From assessing your outdoor space to considering materials, styles, and weather-resistance, we've got you covered. Learn how to infuse your personality into your outdoor haven while prioritizing comfort and durability. Whether you're working with a small balcony or a sprawling garden, find the ideal furniture set that seamlessly blends style and functionality for a perfect outdoor retreat.
Discover the Best Cladding Colour for your Project
Explore the secrets of enhancing your project's aesthetic appeal with the perfect cladding colour. Our latest blog post delves into the art of selecting the ideal hue. Explore colour psychology, decipher trends, and gain practical tips to ensure your cladding protects and elevates your architectural vision.
Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Christmas Tree
As the holiday season comes to a close, the question arises: what to do with the Christmas tree and festive plants that brought joy to our homes? Explore our creative and sustainable tips for repurposing your Christmas tree and festive plants.
Protecting 1,731 acres of the Guinea rainforest
EnviroBuild are proud to announce that we have helped safeguard 1,731 acres of Guinea's vulnerable rainforest. Through our partnership with Rainforest Trust UK. Helping preserving the habitat of the Critically Endangered African Forest Elephants, combating the threats posed by mining and logging.
EPD's for our Non Combustible Aluminium Products Now Available
We are excited to share that our non-combustible aluminium products now hold a certified EPD. Which is an important step in increasing the transparency in our commercial product range and will play a part in helping the construction industry to make more informed and sustainable choices.
Creating a Wildlife Haven: A Guide to Supporting Wildlife This January
Explore the wonders of wildlife right at your doorstep with our comprehensive guide, 'Creating a Wildlife Haven: A Guide to Supporting UK Wildlife in Your Home This January.' Embrace the winter chill by transforming your space into a sanctuary for hedgehogs, birds, insects, and more.
Choosing the Best Decking Material for Your Project
When embarking on a new decking project, the choice of material is crucial for ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functional longevity. This guide delves into a range of popular decking options, each with its unique strengths and ideal applications. This comprehensive guide aims to arm you with the knowledge to select the perfect decking material, balancing aesthetics, functionality, and environmental considerations for your unique project.
Our November Gardening Guide
As the brisk November air sets in, it's the perfect time to prepare your garden for the chilly months ahead. Our November gardening guide offers expert tips on how to protect your plants from frost, cultivate cold-loving crops, and create a cosy outdoor space. Discover the secrets to a vibrant and thriving garden even in the midst of autumn's embrace
Protecting 268 acres of Laos Rainforest
Through our partnership with Rainforest Trust UK we have been able to help protect 268 acres of the Laos Rainforest. This project serves as a beacon for biodiversity conservation, safeguarding a rich, biodiverse area while protecting critically endangered species and acting as a crucial carbon store to mitigate the impacts of climate change.
When to Install Composite Cladding
Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy your garden, however it may not be the best time to begin your composite cladding project. Explore the benefits of each season to discover the perfect time to embark on your composite cladding project.
Pro Landscaper Sustainability Awards
We're excited to announce that EnviroBuild has been named a finalist in the prestigious Pro Landscaper Sustainability & Biodiversity Awards, specifically in the Supplier category. Join us on a journey to discover how EnviroBuild's unwavering commitment to sustainability has earned them this coveted nomination.
Protecting 11,364 acres of Amazon Rainforest in Brazil
Through our partnership with Rainforest Trust we have helped protect 11,364 acres of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. Helping to safeguard and protect areas that host rare birds, such as the Wattled Curassow and Ariel Toucan, as well as endangered species like the Giant Otter and Black-faced Black Spider Monkey, while simultaneously protecting traditional communities and acting as a significant carbon store in the Brazilian rainforest.
Join us at FutureScape 2023
Join us at Futurescape 2023 this November for an exciting journey into sustainable landscaping and construction. Explore innovative eco-friendly solutions, network with industry leaders, and be part of the green revolution. Don't miss out—secure your spot today!
EnviroBuild finalist for Irish Construction Industry Award
We are proud to announce that we are finalist for the prestigious Irish Construction Industry Awards. In the hotly contested category of Excellence in Sustainability, standing us shoulder to shoulder with industry giants such as BAM and Cairn. This recognition not only celebrates their commitment to eco-conscious construction but also underscores our position as a formidable force driving positive change within the sector.
What is Fibre Cement Decking?
Unlock the Future of Decking with Fibre Cement! Explore the game-changing benefits of Fibre Cement Decking. Discover how it offers the perfect blend of aesthetics, safety, and sustainability for your outdoor space. Get ready to reimagine your deck in style and security
The Best Cladding for your Project
Before beginning a cladding project it is important to select the correct materials to ensure the overall appearance and performance of your project. Explore the difference between the most popular cladding options to discover the perfect materials for your upcoming cladding project.
RHS Tatton Park Flower Show Garden Guide
Explore the best gardens from RHS Tatton Park Flower Show 2023
Gardeners' World Live Garden Show Guide
Discover the best gardens from BBC Gardeners' World Live 2023
RHS Hampton Court Flower Show Garden Guide
Explore our guide to the best gardens from RHS Hampton Court Flower show.
BBC Gardeners' World Live Chic Garden Getaway Garden
Explore our award winning BBC Gardeners' World Live Chic Garden Getaway Garden in collaboration with Katerina Kantalis.
RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden
Our award winning RHS Chelsea Flower Show garden in collaboration with Lynne Lambourne & Gardena, showcasing how to create a luxury low maintenance sustainable garden.
RHS Hampton Court Plastic Fantastic Show Garden
Explore our award winning RHS Hampton Court Show Garden showcasing the beauty of recycled materials in collaboration with Hana Leonard from Secret of the Garden.
RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden Guide
Explore our guide to RHS Chelsea Flower Show Gardens.
Water Wise Summer Gardening Guide
Discover the world of Water-Wise Gardening, learn how to create a thriving garden that conserves water and promotes eco-friendly practices. From selecting drought-tolerant plants to efficient watering techniques, this blog post offers valuable insights for a greener, more sustainable garden.
Discover RHS Chelsea's Sustainable Garden Products of the Year
Discover the sustainable garden products to look out for this. Explore the innovative garden products shortlisted for Sustainable Garden Product of the Year at RHS Chelsea this year.
Can you Paint Composite Decking?
Composite decking has gained significant popularity in recent years due to its durability, low maintenance nature, and aesthetic appeal. However, people often wonder if you need to or can paint composite decking.
Envirobuild are Irish Construction Excellence Award Finalists
EnviroBuild are proud to be finalists for the Irish Construction Excellence Awards (ICE Awards) in the Construction Product Innovation – Building Fabric category.
How to create a Bridgerton Regency Garden
Be the diamond of the season by creating your own Bridgerton inspired garden. Explore our guide to embracing the Bridgeton regency garden trend at home.
Spring Gardening Guide
Spring is one of the most exciting seasons for gardening. As growing season gets underway enjoy our expert guide to making the most of your garden this spring.
Where to Find us this year
Explore the range of trade and garden shows we will be appearing at this year.
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