Envirobuild are Irish Construction Excellence Award Finalists

EnviroBuild are proud to be finalists for the Irish Construction Excellence Awards (ICE Awards) in the Construction Product Innovation – Building Fabric category.


The Irish Construction Excellence Awards

The Irish Construction Excellence Awards (ICE Awards)
are the original and premier recognition of performance excellence for the contracting sector in Ireland. The ICE Awards provide an opportunity for the industry to showcase and reward best practice across the full range of construction disciplines and project categories. The awards ceremony will take place on the 27th April at the Convention Centre in Dublin

EnviroBuild are finalists in the Construction Product Innovation – Building Fabric category

EnviroBuild are finalists for the prestigious Irish Construction Excellence Awards (ICE Awards)  in the Building fabric category. For the innovative ways they improved the sustainability credentials of their products. EnviroBuild have done this by focusing on three key areas: Quality, recycled content and energy use.


The quality of the product is fundamental to sustainability and this is visible in the LCA. If a product requires replacing in a shorter timeframe then its environmental impact will be higher. For that reason we have focused on improving the quality and lifespan of all our core products, allowing them to now benefit from market leading warranties. Similarly indicative is the amount of maintenance a product requires. A lower maintenance product will have less impact over its lifetime. Which is why all our core products are not only high in quality but are low maintenance. Helping further reduce their environmental impact. 

Use of recycled materials

 Increasing the recycled content of a product will generally decrease the GWP impact, as less material needs to be mined/manufactured. For that reason all of our core products include the highest levels of recycled materials possible without compromising on quality. 

Energy use

Results from our LCA’s indicated that our largest  source of greenhouse emissions was manufacturing and extraction. For this reason all of our core products are manufactured using 100% wind energy. With Sisu LVT also using 100% wind energy for the extraction of raw materials, (You can also opt for your aluminium products to be produced with renewable energy, to reduce their carbon footprint by 80%).
The success of these steps can be seen in the reduced embodied carbon of all of their core products. EnviroBuild Sisu LVT flooring has been especially successful and has achieved a 60% reduction in CO2e. 
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