RHS Hampton Court Plastic Fantastic Show Garden

Explore our award winning RHS Hampton Court Show Garden showcasing the beauty of recycled materials in collaboration with Hana Leonard from Secret of the Garden.

Our RHS Hampton Court show garden in collaboration with Hana Leonard of Secrets of the Garden ltd, showcased the beauty of recycled materials. The EnviroBuild decking & cladding alone has diverted 746.6 Kgs of plastic diverted from landfill, which is the equivalent of 36,398 plastic bottles.
Plastic Fantastic is a garden space that was inspired by the excess of plastic packaging used in horticulture, particularly non-recyclable plant pots and compost bags. It is a space that is made of recycled plastic but is also green and beautiful. It is a showcase for playful use of recycled plastic and contemporary landscaping materials. It is a green oasis on top of a restored landfill.
"I chose EnviroBuild because of their environmental credentials, high recycled content in their product and their commitment to sustainability. The fact that their decking and cladding comes in a variety of nice colours and finishes was just an added bonus that allowed me to create a more eye-catching design". - Hana Leonard
The garden planting is representing a top of a restored or reclaimed landfill - we have birch trees and a meadow because they are a pioneer species that colonise empty spaces and thrive on poor soils. The soft pastel colours of the meadow flowers, the white stems of the birch trees and the fresh green of their leaves will compliment the strong colours of the cladding and the decking. The main focus is on the decking and studio but they are gently screened and softened around the edges by the planting.
EnviroBuilds Hyperion Explorer and Frontier Composite Decking was selected in all colours to create an eye catching focal point for the show garden. The decking used in the garden help to divert 679 kgs of plastic from landfill with is the equivalent of 35,652 plastic bottles.
EnviroBuilds Pioneer Composite Cladding in all colours was selected to create a colourful modern garden room to act a showpiece in any garden. The Composite Cladding used in the show garden has diverted 746.6 Kgs of plastic from landfill which is the equivalent of 36,398 plastic bottles.
As you enter the garden you are taken over composite recycled plastic material decking, through a meadow and birch grove resembling restored landfill, to admire the recycled plastic fencing and containerised flowers. From there they can rest on a plant pot bench or take shelter inside the elegantly arched, eco-friendly garden pod.
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