EPD's for our Non Combustible Aluminium Products Now Available

We are excited to share that our non-combustible aluminium products now hold a certified EPD. Which is an important step in increasing the transparency in our commercial product range and will play a part in helping the construction industry to make more informed and sustainable choices.

We are thrilled to announce the attainment of a certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for our non-combustible aluminium products. This significant achievement underscores our commitment to sustainability and transparency. The EPD provides comprehensive information on the environmental impact of our products throughout their lifecycle, empowering our customers to make informed, eco-conscious choices. This certification reflects our dedication to responsible manufacturing practices and reinforces the reliability and environmental integrity of our aluminium offerings. We believe this milestone sets a new standard in the industry, exemplifying our steadfast commitment to delivering products that meet the highest environmental standards.

What is an EPD?

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a concise document that communicates the environmental performance of a product throughout its life cycle. It provides transparent and standardized information on the product's environmental impact, encompassing raw material extraction, manufacturing, use, and disposal phases. Typically based on international standards, EPDs help consumers, businesses, and policymakers make informed decisions by quantifying aspects like carbon footprint, energy consumption, and resource depletion. By offering a comprehensive and comparable overview of a product's environmental credentials, EPDs contribute to sustainable choices and foster environmentally responsible practices across industries. These declarations play a pivotal role in promoting transparency and encouraging the development and use of environmentally friendly products. Find our more about EPD's

Why are EPD's Important?

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) play a crucial role in the construction industry by enhancing transparency and promoting sustainability. In the journey toward achieving net-zero goals, EPDs offer a valuable tool for assessing the environmental impact of construction materials. Non-combustible materials, essential for creating fire-rated and secure buildings, often escape scrutiny in terms of their environmental effects due to their necessity.
EPDs fill this informational gap, providing a standardized method to measure and communicate the lifecycle environmental performance of these materials. By raising awareness about the environmental implications of construction elements and materials, EPDs empower stakeholders to make informed decisions, encouraging the adoption of more sustainable practices in construction. This, in turn, propels the industry towards a greener future and contributes to overarching sustainability objectives.

Ways to Reduce the Embodied Carbon of your Alunimum

Reducing the embodied carbon of your aluminium project is brilliantly achievable through EnviroBuild's Green Your Aluminium scheme. By harnessing renewable energy in the aluminium production process, this initiative effectively diminishes the environmental impact of your projects, aligning with the UN 2030 and 2050 sustainable development goals. The cost to green your aluminium substructure, decking, and cladding is impressively affordable, with a mere 50p, £1, and £1 per m², respectively.
To make the initiative even more compelling and showcase our commitment to sustainability – EnviroBuild will match your investment pound for pound, emphasizing their dedication to carbon emission reduction. The Green Your Aluminium scheme is applicable to all Hyperion aluminium products, offering flexibility to apply it at the point of sale or retrospectively. Seize the opportunity today to imbue your aluminium projects with environmental responsibility, whether for a new venture or retroactively enhancing a previous one. Find out more
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