Protecting 11,364 acres of Amazon Rainforest in Brazil

Through our partnership with Rainforest Trust we have helped protect 11,364 acres of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. Helping to safeguard and protect areas that host rare birds, such as the Wattled Curassow and Ariel Toucan, as well as endangered species like the Giant Otter and Black-faced Black Spider Monkey, while simultaneously protecting traditional communities and acting as a significant carbon store in the Brazilian rainforest.

As a part of continued commitment to sustainably we have helped to protect 11,364 aces of vital amazon rainforest in brazil through our partnership with Rainforest Trust UK. This donation helps Rainforest Trust and local partner reach their goal to protect 2,262,878 acres of irreplaceable rainforest in the states of Amazonas and Para. Protecting the rights of the traditional communities, safeguard resident species like the Arial Toucan and Giant Otter, which also acting as a vital carbon store.

The Importance of The Project

The Rainforest Trust project in the Brazilian Amazon is a crucial undertaking to protect a threatened ecosystem of immense importance. The Amazon faces imminent peril from profit-driven external forces, endangering rare and endemic species and putting traditional communities in precarious situations. Covering 2,262,878 acres in Amazonas and Pará, Rainforest Trust, in collaboration with Instituto International de Educação do Brasil, strives to secure these lands through legal designations, acknowledging the tenure of traditional communities.
This initiative not only safeguards imperilled species like the Wattled Curassow, Ariel Toucan, and Giant Otter but also preserves vital river ecosystems, crucial for local communities and combating climate change. The protected areas store 648,507,695 metric tons of CO2 equivalents, emphasizing the global significance of this project in mitigating climate change while preserving the unique biodiversity of the Brazilian Amazon.

Protecting Native Communities

Rainforest Trust, alongside local partnerr, Instituto Internacional de Educação do Brasil, aims to safeguard 2,262,878 acres in the Amazonas and Pará states within the Brazilian Amazon. This safeguarding effort involves formal designations that legally acknowledge the land tenure of indigenous communities, recognizing their enduring role in land management and ensuring protection for both the diverse species inhabiting the area and the people who call it home.
Legally acknowledging the land tenure of indigenous communities is a powerful strategy for protecting and preserving valuable ecosystems. By granting formal recognition, these communities gain essential rights and protections that empower them to continue their lifelong stewardship of the land and its diverse species. This approach not only upholds the cultural and historical significance of the indigenous communities but also fosters sustainable practices that have been honed over generations. Providing legal standing not only safeguards biodiversity but also ensures that the knowledge and traditions of these communities play a pivotal role in the ongoing preservation of ecosystems, creating a harmonious balance between human livelihoods and the conservation of natural resources.

Protecting Species of The Brazilian Amazon

The Rainforest Trust project in the Brazilian Amazon is a crucial initiative poised to provide a lifeline for an array of endangered species. The proposed protected areas, spanning Amazonas and Pará, are sanctuaries for a multitude of rare and at-risk species such as the Wattled Curassow, Ariel Toucan, Eastern Red-necked Araçari, Olive-winged Trumpeter, Black Rail, Giant Otter, and Black-faced Black Spider Monkey. These areas serve as vital habitats, offering a refuge where these species can thrive without the immediate threats posed by habitat destruction and exploitation. The Giant Otter, a charismatic and endangered aquatic mammal, finds a secure haven, as does the Black-faced Black Spider Monkey, an elusive primate endemic to the region. By safeguarding these territories, the project ensures the preservation of critical biodiversity, contributing to the delicate balance of the Amazon's intricate ecosystems and securing a future for these magnificent species in their natural habitat.
EnviroBuild takes immense pride in contributing to the protection of a vital segment of the Brazilian rainforest. By supporting Rainforest Trust and their partner, Instituto Internacional de Educação do Brasil, EnviroBuild actively participates in preserving indigenous communities and safeguarding native species. The project's commitment to legally recognizing land tenure ensures the longevity of these communities' stewardship over their lands. The protected areas, abundant with rare bird species like the Wattled Curassow and the Giant Otter, serve as crucial habitats.
Additionally, safeguarding watersheds and rivers not only protects vital ecosystems but also combats illegal logging, preserving the region's rich rainforest. Recognizing the dual role of these territories, not only in local but also global climate change mitigation, where they store a substantial 648,507,695 metric tons of CO2 equivalents, EnviroBuild reinforces its dedication to environmental sustainability on a global scale.
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