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‘Green’ Your Aluminium Decking with EnviroBuild

Last updated: 15/12/2021

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The versatility of aluminium has made it an important commodity in a variety of sectors, but it comes at a cost. Aluminium production accounts for two percent of global human-caused CO2 emissions.

Aluminium has enormous potential for becoming the material of a carbon-neutral world. It's prevalence and high recyclability can reduce the carbon footprint of whole supply chains. This, in turn, could lead to scaling up the concept of a circular economy.

‘Green’ your aluminium decking* for £1 per m² and we will cover the other £1 per m²

The cost of using green electricity for the production of our aluminium decking is £2 per m². At EnviroBuild, we are willing to split the bill. Meaning we match you, pound for pound, in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.

You can also ‘green’ your aluminium substructure for 50p per m²

If you are interested in ‘greening’ your Hyperion Aluminium Decking or Substructure on your latest project get in touch or give us a call on 020 8088 4888

*145 Pro-Grip and 150 Aqua-Channel aluminium decking. This can be applied at the point of sale or retrospectively.

Using green energy for our aluminium decking allows up to 70.2% lower carbon emissions.

Producing aluminium oxide from bauxite and smelting aluminium are both energy intensive processes. As such, simply using renewable energy significantly decreases the Global Warming Potential. Using renewable energy over the entire life cycle of the material leads to even further gains.

The social demand for climate action is changing the values of governments. And the need for sustainable products is changing the behaviours of businesses.

There is a path to decarbonisation, but it is challenging. One of the most important factors is reducing significant reliance on fossil fuels.

At EnviroBuild, we are striving to push the boundaries of reduced carbon emissions. In this particular step, we are reducing carbon emissions of our aluminium decking. Helping bring the construction industry in line ahead of the UN 2030 and 2050 Sustainable Development goals.

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