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Manticore is moving to renewable energy!

Read time: 2 minutes

Last updated: 06/01/2022

Plastic lumber Sustainability


After successfully moving our Hyperion manufacturing to 100% renewable wind power in 2021, which includes our ranges of decking, cladding and fencing, the next logical step was giving our Manticore range of products the same treatment.

What's in the article?

What is Manticore?
How are we ensuring renewable energy?
What is REGO?
What’s next?

As of January 2022 we will be using renewable energy in the production of all Manticore products! Everything from the raw material processing to manufacturing will be powered by renewable energy.

This only adds to the environmental credentials of Manticore as it is already manufactured using 100% recycled plastic sourced in the UK.

What is Manticore?

Manticore is our range of plastic lumber products, including the joists, planks and posts that we recommend as part of the substructure for the installation of decking and cladding. While this is a use case that we are familiar with at EnviroBuild, our Manticore products can be used on any building project looking to incorporate sustainable materials.

How are we ensuring renewable energy?

We'll be using the REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) scheme to ensure all electricity used in raw material and manufacturing is from a renewable energy source.

What is REGO?

REGO, otherwise known as Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin, aims to provide transparency to customers to confirm that energy is from renewable sources. REGOs are monitored by the governmental regulator OFGEM (the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets).

What’s next?

At EnviroBuild we are committed to sustainability. Through continued efforts and research, such as our Environmental Product Declaration for our composite products, we are finding avenues to improve our offering for both the consumer and the environment.

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