Bay Window Cladding

After struggling for inspiration and wanting desperately to rejuvenate the “dreadful 1950’s tiles” on their bay windows, our client sought a solution that they could easily install themselves.
Aesthetics were a primary consideration as they wanted the solution to fit in with their gold granite cobbles and Indian stone frontage.

The Solution

Our client opted to install their
Silver Birch Pioneer Cladding
in a horizontal orientation. The angle of the bay window didn’t allow for any corner trim, but thanks to some meticulous cutting the final result is spectacularly clean.
Our client reported that minutes after fitting the final board a car stopped and someone got out to ask for a quote to do the same to the front of their house as they were so impressed with it.

Customer Feedback

“I can’t believe how much it has transformed our house! We chose the Silver Birch as it looked so fresh and we thought it would match our frontage perfectly. The EnviroBuild samples really impressed us as not only were the colours lovely but it wasn’t just a thin layer on the top of the cladding that could easily chip off and it could be lightly sanded if required.”

Project Details

Size: 5 m²
Location: Chorley