Stone Garden Fencing

The client was looking to create a modern functional garden, focusing on privacy and seamless accessibility. They were looking for the perfect materials to create a modern fence, outdoor seating area and steps to connect the kitchen to the lower-level garden.

The Solution

EnviroBuild composite fencing and decking emerged as the ideal choice for this project, selected for its low maintenance, modern colour range, and sustainability. Stone fencing with granite posts added a contemporary boundary and ensured privacy. The composite decking, featuring a mix of stone and granite elements, created a modern raised seating area, steps, and platforms. The granite border served both aesthetic and safety purposes, enhancing the garden's style and functionality.

The Outcome

The transformed garden now boasts purpose with defined areas and zones for varied enjoyment. EnviroBuild fencing adds privacy while enhancing the modern industrial aesthetic through complementing colours. The sleek design, featuring composite decking, not only ensures low maintenance and sustainability but also creates a multifunctional space for the client and their family to entertain and enjoy for years to come.

Product Details

Hyperion Explorer Composite Decking in
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Garden Designer:
Location: Ireland