Modern Garden Fencing

The client was looking to transform their uninspired modest city garden into elevated contemporary oasis. They selected award winning garden designer Katerina Kantalis to bring their dream into reality. Katerina's got in touch to find the perfect materials to bring her vision of the project to life.
Katerina selected stone composite fencing and slate composite decking to achieve a seamless blend of sleek design and durability. Whilst allowing her to meet the clients desire for a low-maintenance, contemporary escape.

The Brief

Katerina was tasked with creating a modern, low-maintenance urban oasis, Katerina embraced the challenge to craft a space where the client could unwind and entertain. Adhering to the preference for contemporary blacks and greys, she ingeniously integrated vibrant, hard-wearing planting scheme to infuse the design with pops of colour. To construct a lush, inviting haven that perfectly marries the sleek, modern aesthetic with the practicality of low-maintenance living, providing an ideal retreat for relaxation and social gatherings.

The Solution

Tasked with crafting a modern, low-maintenance urban oasis for relaxation and entertaining, Katerina embraced the challenge. Choosing Slate Frontier composite decking, to fashion a chic floating bench seamlessly integrated into the design. This year-round, fuss-free seating solution complements the vibrant but hard-wearing planting. Katerina elevated the aesthetic with stone composite fencing, forming a sleek, modern boundary. Contemporary lighting, strategically placed on the fencing and throughout the garden, further enhances the ambiance, transforming the space into a stylish haven for both day and night enjoyment.

Product Details

Size: 17m
Garden Designer:
Katerina Kantalis
Location: London, U.K