Modern Garden Office Flooring

Garden designer
Katerina Kantalis
sought the ideal flooring for a multipurpose garden room, envisioning a modern, light, and timeless ambiance with strong sustainability credentials to complement her garden design. The focus was on selecting a flooring option that not only met the aesthetic requirements but also aligned with eco-friendly principles for a cohesive and responsible outdoor space.

The Brief

Katerina sought a durable, sustainable flooring for the garden room to complete the her design. Looking for a product that would align with the client's vision for a modern, low-maintenance garden. Selecting the perfect flooring was the final step in transforming the simple city garden into a contemporary haven, that seamlessly blends productivity and leisure. The garden room will serve as both a garden office and a cosy space for relaxation and entertainment. Meaning the flooring needed to elegant yet sturdy.

The Solution

In her city garden design project, Katerina selected Rustic Oak as the ideal flooring for the garden room. The warm brown hues and wood effect contribute to a welcoming and modern ambiance, creating a versatile space for work and play, perfectly aligning with her vision for a harmonious and functional outdoor environment. The flooring's low maintenance properties, coupled with its appealing design, and durability, make it the perfect choice for a hassle-free yet aesthetically pleasing garden room.

Project Details

Project Size: 14m2
Location: London