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Enjoy your beautiful outside living space year after year with environmentally friendly Hyperion Decking. The Pioneer range comes with a 15 year limited residential warranty for your piece of mind.

Hidden Fasteners

Corner Trims

Edge Board

Fascia Boards

Support Structure


decking installation
decking installation
decking installation
decking installation
decking installation
decking installation


Hyperion's Pioneer range is made completely from wood plastic composite material

Like any uncapped wood plastic composite board, the deck boards will lighten as they naturally weather over the first 8-10 weeks of outdoor exposure before stabilising. The board lightening is caused by rain washing out naturally occurring dark wood oils (called tannins) and natural lightening from UV exposure.

The colour change is most noticeable in the lighter colours: Oak, Silver Birch and Stone, where the contrast between the coloured tannins and initial board colour is larger. As the board weathers, the grains subtle contrast eventually derives almost entirely through how the different textures reflect light rather than a genuine colour differential.


It is often preferable to lay lighter colours groove side up.

Hyperion's Frontier range is engineered with a durable plastic outer layer around the board. This layer has enhanced stain and fade properties, and is covered by a 25 years stain & fade warranty. If colour retention is a priority for your project, the extra cost is certainly worthwhile.