CPDs offered by EnviroBuild

We offer a variety of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes which are available both in person as online webinars. Our CPD's provide your team with an insight into the industry that stretches beyond the expectations and coverings of their core training. Aiming to broaden knowledge, experience and awareness. Offering the skills and expertise that can be applied to your teams work going forward.

BS8579 – Balcony & Terrace Coverings

(1 hour duration)

The session will provide you with the key understanding of The Building (Amendment) Regulations (S.I. 2018/ 1230) legislation and the ways it has shifted and impacted the construction industry, paying particular attention to balcony design. Exploring the factors you need to take into account when including balconies in your project such as; fire safety, slips rating, inclusive design, balcony drainage and wind uplift.
Optional Extras (adds 15 minutes)
  • Common Installation Errors
  • Common Design Issues


What is a balcony, what is a terrace, and what is an access deck

Fire Safety

EN13501 – What is “A-Class”
What happens to BS8414
RICS Guidance on refurbishments
MHCLG Guidance
BRoof(t4) – how it applies to coverings
Laminated glass

Balcony Drainage

Types of drainage that can be used:
Edge drainage
Piped drainage
Water volume (EN1253 and EN12056)

Wind Uplift

UK Standards (BRE Digest - 1985)
Referenced Florida / Australian standards
What’s the risk

Slip Ratings & Inclusive Design

Pendulum test (BS7976)
Micro-roughness Rz values

Our Service

Porcelain wind uplift solutions
Porcelain onto open steel frame
Complete aluminium range, with full drainage options
Green aluminium

Embodied Carbon- What Even is an EPD?

(1 hour duration)

Through our comprehensive training, you will gain a better understanding of the principles, processes and categories involved in life cycle analyses (LCAs) and environmental product declarations (EPDs). This will provide you with the practical skills needed to read, understand and compare EPDs. Helping you make more informed decisions on future projects.

What is an LCA?

An introduction to what is involved in the Lifecycle Analysis:
Manufacturing / Use / Disposal / Recovery

How to Read an EPD

Reference Service Life
System Boundaries

EPD Categories

Global Warming Potentials
Ozone Depletion
Photochemical Oxidation
Abiotic Depletion
Water Use

How a Manufacturer Uses an EPD

How to Compares EPDs

Comparing EN15804:2012 and EN15804:2012 + A2:2019
Cut-Off Points

Case Study

Sisu Flooring compared to other LVT Brands

Wind Uplift

(1 hour duration)

This training will help you get to grips with basics of atmospheric pressure and the effect of wind on a structure. Discover how wind uplift is calculated, the dangers of wind uplift and the possible risks of the industries current attitudes on the subject. Whilst exploring the different wind uplift systems available and guidance on the most effective solutions to make your project safe and compliant.

What is Wind Uplift?

Negative pressure

Application of Legislation

How it is currently being viewed by Building Control

How is it calculated?

BRE Digest 1985
Florida University 2014

Is what we’re doing OK?

Industry attitude and risk

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