Decking Balustrades

Whether it's for a residential property, a commercial building, or a public area, our balustrades are poised to add a touch of sophistication and safety.
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Frameless vs Modular Balustrades

Consider where the balustrade will be used. Frameless systems are great for maximizing views, while modular systems offer design versatility.


Frameless balustrades offer a sleek, minimalist look. They are characterized by the absence of visible frames or supports, giving them a clean, unobstructed appearance. This style is popular in contemporary designs where the emphasis is on open spaces.
Q-Railing Easy Glass PRIME Frameless Balustrade


Modular balustrades offer higher levels of customization. Since they are composed of various parts, it's easier to choose different styles and materials. Modular systems are versatile and can be adapted to a wide range of architectural styles.
Q-Railing Glazed Modular Balustrade

Featured Add-ons

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass adds a contemporary touch to the balustrade's appearance. Additionally, the tinting in the glass allows for a level of privacy, making it a great choice for areas where seclusion is preferred, without completely blocking out natural light.

Low-Iron Glass

Low-iron glass is renowned for its exceptional clarity, eliminating the greenish tint that is common in standard glass. This high degree of transparency is perfect for maximizing views, especially in scenic locations.

Privacy Glass

Privacy glass is ideal for balustrades in areas where additional privacy is needed. Despite its privacy features, this glass still allows ample natural light to pass through, ensuring spaces remain bright and inviting.


Site Survey

Performing a site survey for balustrade installation is a critical process to ensure that the final installation is safe and compliant with local building codes. All estimates are subject to change until a formal quotation is issued following a full site survey.


Secure anchoring systems are crucial, especially for frameless glass balustrades that rely on strong anchors for stability. Balustrades are only as good as the structure to which they are fixed. Accurate measurements and careful installation are critical to prevent issues like misalignment or instability.


Customers benefit from a full guarantee on our workmanship for a period of 12 months. Guarantees on materials run in accordance with manufacturer's warranty periods where applicable. Our guarantee covers all new work and new materials used in construction or repairs, but does not guarantee the integrity of any existing structures, materials or decorations.

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