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Indoor Swimming Pool Room Decking

Indoor Swimming Pool

Searching for a suitable pool house flooring, our client opted for a combination of composite decking surrounding the pool to withstand wet people stepping out and laminate flooring for the rest of the building to afford added protection from people who might still be a little wet when moving away from the spa pool.

The Solution

After noticing a similarity in colour between two of our products, the client said, "the choice was easy". Our Frontier Composite Decking in Marble perfectly complements the adjacent Light Grey Oak Laminate flooring. The combination of materials creates an innovative solution with enhanced moisture protection for a pool surround.

Indoor Pool Flooring Close Up
Indoor Swimming Pool Flooring

Customer Feedback

“I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome and feel confident the design and layout of these two types of complimentary flooring will work well together for many years to come. I am so grateful to all at Envirobuild who helped me realise this dream pool house.”

Project Details

Composite decking:

Size: 6m²
Colour: Marble
Product: Hyperion Frontier

Laminate flooring:

Size: 15m²
Colour: Light Grey Oak
Product: Sisu Laminate

Location: Woking

Indoor Pool Spa Decking

Indoor Flooring