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What we give

From the beginning, EnviroBuild has been dedicated to helping improve the world we live in today. As well as supplying eco-friendly building materials, we also support sustainable initiatives which bring long lasting, high impact benefits to the environment, eco-systems and local communities.


Trees conserved

Enviromental Mission

We are on an environmental mission; looking to supply products that offer functional and environmental benefits over traditional construction materials. We look to supply solutions that reduce material usage, have high level of recycled content, use renewable energy in their manufacturing process, have a long working life and can be recycled again themselves. Wherever possible we incorporate environmentally friendly solutions into our supply chain, to give our products a lower carbon footprint to traditional alternatives. To go a step further, we donate 10% of our profits to sustainable causes to help become a carbon negative business.

The Rainforest Trust is a non-profit charity that helps to preserve Earth’s remaining rainforests through community engagement and local partnerships in vulnerable areas around the world. Rainforests are the pinnacle of life’s variety and complexity, and are the most diverse places on our planet, however, an average of 200,000 acres are destroyed every day. This has detrimental consequences that are felt around the world, negatively affecting atmospheric balance, human health and organism survival, amongst others. The Rainforest Trust focuses their efforts around three main protected area types; land acquisition, land designation and community-managed areas. You can find out more about their crucial work in our blog post. Since starting donations in 2016, we have donated towards a wide variety of Rainforest Trust projects with 100% of all donations going directly to these sustainable causes. The mission of the Rainforest Trust is incredibly important; protecting vast areas of rainforest, which consequently protects us, alongside every living organism. We are proud to support its cause and share its values.