2022 Top Garden Trends

Our selection of the top garden trends of 2022 that can help you create the garden of your dreams.


Garden Kitchens

Garden kitchens have become the ultimate garden must have. Garden kitchens transport the entire cooking experience al fresco, so you don't miss out on a single moment whilst entertaining, while still being surrounded by everything you need to prepare the perfect meal. Garden Kitchens come in many shapes and sizes and are also easily DIYed, get creative and create your perfect outdoor cooking spot.


Rewilding your garden is a growing sustainable trend and one of our favourites. Rewilding helps to create a home for nature and brings your garden back to its natural and beautiful habitat through the introduction of native plants and natural environments. Allowing you to create a sense of sanctuary in their garden and plants and to be enveloped by nature whistling helping increase biodiversity.
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Potted Plants

Potted plants are increasing in popularity this year. Thanks to their many aesthetic and practical benefits. They are a creative way to add more texture and intrigue into your garden. Embracing plants pots and raised beds have a variety of visual and practical benefits. Choosing interesting plant pots and raised bed styles help you enhance the visual appeal of your space. Allowing you to add colour, texture height and levels into your garden design. They also have a  variety of practical benefits: Growing plants in pots helps make them portable, allowing you to move them around the garden as you desire and bring them inside for winter. They also allow you to grow a wide variety of plants and utilise different soil types helping to increase the biodiversity in your garden.

Porcelain Paving

Porcelain paving is a growing trend and the perfect way to give your garden a timeless modern aesthetic. This low maintenance and stylish material is perfect for creating stunning outdoor entertaining areas and helping to create distinctive areas in your garden.

Garden Zoning

Zoning is a fantastic way to make the most of an open space for both indoors and out. It involves you treating your garden as a series of ‚Äėdifferent rooms‚Äô. Helping transform them into a visually pleasing multi functional area that serves all your needs. This trick will not only help to organise your garden but you'll find yourself using the space more.

Living Walls

Living walls have gotten a indoor makeover. 2022 have been the year of the indoor living wall from herb kitchen allotment walls to serine oasis walls and steamy bathroom jungles. Living green walls are a great way to enhance your homes visual appeal and help to bring nature and texture to a room. Living walls also have a variety of health and wellbeing benefits, with many people reporting they help improve air quality, increase alertness and energy levels whilst boosting productivity, creativity and wellbeing whilst working from home. Making them a perfect addition to your home.


Dahlias have become the flower of 2022 receiving over 1.8 million posts on Instagram. This spectacular exotic flower comes in a variety of stunning colours and varieties. Dahlias benefit from a season-long burst of spectacular blooms from mid summer to the first frosts. They are also a great choice for cut flowers thanks to their long vase life. Dahlias are a fantastic plant to add to any garden border or patio container and a flower we don't see going anywhere anytime soon.

Composting and Vegetable Patches

Green garden trends have flourished since lockdown, with many people starting fruit and vegetable patches to grow their own food and embracing home composting. Growing your own food is a great way to take control where your food comes from and save money on food. Growing your own food helps to give you a strong sense of self satisfaction and pride when you can serve your loved ones food you have grown yourself.
Home composting is a fantastic addition to any garden. This relatively simple trend can help transform your garden into a self sustaining garden ecosystem. Composting helps add nutrients and introduce valuable organisms into your soil. It is a great way to recycle your food and garden waste and help the environment. Whilst saving money on shop bought mulch and soil.

Tapestry Lawns

A lovely and more visually interesting alternative to a grass lawn. Tapestry lawns are created using a variety of different mowing-tolerant plant species. Similar to meadow lawns, they are low maintenance and provide a much higher ornamental and environmental value. They require minimal mowing and are much more drought tolerant than traditional grass lawns. Helping to make them a fantastic low maintenance to bring biodiversity into your garden.
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