Top 10 Creative Decking Design Ideas to Inspire Your Next Project

It is the perfect time to start thinking about revamping your garden. A new deck can make a great centrepiece for your garden and is the perfect way to make your outdoor space stand out. We have collected out top 10 creative decking design ideas to inspire your next project.

Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about revamping your garden. A new deck can make a great centrepiece for your garden and is the perfect way to make your outdoor space stand out. We have collected out top 10 creative decking design ideas to inspire your next project.

1. Add Some Lighting

Lighting is a good way to mix function and style. Adding lighting to your decking designs helps to create a good atmosphere and brings your garden to life at night. Lighting also helps you to draw attention to any changes in levels to prevent any accidents. This project has added lighting throughout their deck to help create a tranquil ambience, perfect for relaxing with friends in the evening. They have also used lighting to highlight the steps to stop any slips or falls. 

2. Get Away from Right Angles

Go against the grain by opting for a Chevron decking design. This timeless design helps make your decking a focal point and can create the illusion of a larger space. This project has combined a Chevron design with a picture frame border, in a contrasting colour. To create an eye-catching and unique look.
Combine your Chevron decking with a diamond frame, to create a distinctive seating area.

3. Add a Border

Adding a border and playing with colour is a great way to get creative and put your own stamp on your decking. The Jaguar Social Club, has used a double picture frame border design and added some colour to create a unique look.
This project has created a unique border design in contrasting colours, to create an eye-catching modern pathway.

4. Play with Levels

Add levels to your decking design, to help break up the space and make your garden appear larger. Multi-level decks are also a fantastic solution for sloping¬† British gardens. Helping turn your ‚Äėtoo steep to use garden‚Äô into a space everyone can enjoy. Different levels will naturally create different zones that you can designate for different activities. Making them perfect for entertaining.¬†
This project has used a multi-level deck to make the most of the view and create distinctive areas for different activities, Making it perfect for parties.
This project has interestingly used levels and planting to differentiate spaces and add a level of intrigue to a difficult shaped garden. They have positioned the decking at different heights and angles to create an interesting walkway to the seating area. Helping to transform an L- shaped city garden into a spacious feeling, tropical oasis.

5. Incorporate Plants into your Design

Bring your decking to life by adding some plants. Plants are the perfect way to add colour and intrigue into your decking designs. 
This project has created flower windows from cladding to add colour and a living element to their decking in a creative and unique way. They also help to draw your eye upwards, creating the illusion of more space.
Use sunken planters in your decking design, to create a living border and add a pop of colour.

6. Patterns

Patterns are a great way to create a truly unique look and make your decking your own. Use contrasting colours and borders to make your patterns the focal mark like this project.
This is one of our favourite examples of how you can patterns and craftsmanship to give your decking the wow factor.

7. Frame with a bench

Frame your deck and create a visual statement by adding a bench. Adding a bench not only defines the perimeter in style, but adds a generous amount of seating to your decking, ideal for entertaining.
This project added a bench to frame the area and add much needed seating area to their fire pit. Opting to continue the decking onto the bench area helps to maintain their minimalist aesthetic. 
We love how this project has used a bench to frame the decking area. Helping to create an interesting focal point and a generous amount of seating. Perfect for cosy nights around the fire pit.

8. Unusual shapes

Choosing an unusual shape for your decking area is a great way to get creative and make the most of unusual shaped gardens.
This project has used a curved deck to make the most of the balcony area. The curved line adds visually-pleasing interest, whilst opting for a different colour to the exterior of the property, making for an attractive contrast.
Add extra space to your home by adding a deck that links to your home. Using a statement colour and a curved shape, creates a stand out stage for your outdoor seating area. 

9. Hot tub decking

Adding decking to your hot tub is a great way to help it blend into your overall garden design. Whilst also being very practical. Be sure to opt for durable, water-resistant and anti-slip decking to ensure complete safety and effectivity. 
This project has used decking to create a relaxation zone to their garden. Adding a platform for lounging and a walkway to the hot tub is both practical and visually pleasing. 
Hot tubs are heavy so in this instance it was easier to have a cut-away section rather than putting the hot tub onto the decking itself.
This project has used decking in a unique way to turn a large garden hot tub into a show stopping focal point. Creating the perfect place to relax after work.

10. Sunken spaces

Adding a sunken space to your decking has numerous benefits. They help make a small flat area feel more dynamic, add in new perspectives to the space, create little private nooks perfect for conversations,  and help the garden feel larger. 
We love how this project has added a sunken space to their decking to create a beautiful seating area perfect for entertaining under the stars.
Adding a sunken hot tub to your decking is a great way to make the most of a smaller space. The sunken style creates the illusion of more open space and makes the area feel more luxurious. Transforming your garden into a luxury, tropical spa. 
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