EnviroBuild finalist for Irish Construction Industry Award

We are proud to announce that we are finalist for the prestigious Irish Construction Industry Awards. In the hotly contested category of Excellence in Sustainability, standing us shoulder to shoulder with industry giants such as BAM and Cairn. This recognition not only celebrates their commitment to eco-conscious construction but also underscores our position as a formidable force driving positive change within the sector.

The Irish Construction Industry Awards 2023 are just around the corner, and the excitement is building as leading sustainable construction company EnviroBuild finds itself on the shortlist for the prestigious Excellence in Sustainability award. This is not only a significant achievement for EnviroBuild but also a testament to their unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation in the construction industry.

The Irish Construction Industry Awards

Since their inception in 2014, the Irish Construction Industry Awards have been dedicated to recognizing, encouraging, and celebrating excellence in the built environment. These awards are the pinnacle of recognition for contractors, businesses, teams, consultants, and projects that demonstrate originality and innovation within the construction sector in Ireland. The awards ceremony, which takes place annually, attracts leading industry figures and serves as a gathering for the best and brightest in the field to come together and celebrate their achievements alongside their peers.
The Irish Construction Industry Awards are renowned for their prestige and significance within the construction sector. Past winners include some of the most influential companies and individuals in Ireland's construction industry, making this event a genuine who's who gathering of the industry's elite. With over 12,000 senior business executives attending these events annually and the support of 70% of Ireland's Top 1000 companies, these awards have become a powerful platform for recognizing and celebrating achievements in various industries.

Excellence in Sustainability Category

The Excellence in Sustainability category at the Irish Construction Industry Awards is undeniably one of the most fiercely competitive segments of the event. This award is a reflection of the commitment to sustainability in Ireland's construction industry, and it recognizes organizations that go above and beyond in their eco-conscious endeavors. The criteria for this award are stringent, encompassing a wide range of sustainability efforts, including reducing carbon footprints, implementing transformative organizational processes, forging impactful environmental partnerships, and adopting energy-efficient products and methods. It's a testament to the diverse and innovative ways in which companies like EnviroBuild are pushing the boundaries of sustainable construction practices to create a greener and more sustainable future.

EnviroBuild's Nomination

EnviroBuild's nomination in the Excellence in Sustainability category puts them in direct competition with industry giants like BAM and Cairn, underlining the company's dedication to pushing the boundaries of sustainable construction practices. Being shortlisted alongside such major players is a testament to EnviroBuild's innovative approach to sustainability and its impact on the construction industry.
EnviroBuild's shortlisting for the Excellence in Sustainability award is primarily attributed to their pioneering use of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). These declarations are a critical tool that helps in making informed decisions regarding product development and educates the industry on sustainable practices. EnviroBuild's commitment to sustainability extends beyond just their products; it's a core principle that guides their every action.

The importance of the ICI Awards

The Irish Construction Industry Awards play a vital role in celebrating and recognizing the exceptional talent and innovation within the construction sector. The level of skill and innovation showcased by the shortlisted companies is truly world-class, reflecting the forefront of progress in the industry. These awards offer a platform to highlight some of the most forward-thinking projects, serving as a testament to the incredible work taking place in Ireland's construction sector. They set a high standard, motivating and inspiring others to reach for new heights of excellence. The winners, in particular, serve as beacons of achievement, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and continuously raising the bar for excellence. These awards underscore the profound impact that visionary planners, creators, and builders have on shaping our skylines and communities for the better, and they reaffirm the significance of their contributions to our society.

EnviroBuild's shortlisting for the Excellence in Sustainability award at the Irish Construction Industry Awards 2023 is not only a testament to their unwavering commitment to sustainable construction practices but also a powerful boost to their national profile. This recognition positions them as leaders in sustainability within the construction industry, showcasing their innovative use of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). Beyond accolades, this acknowledgment is set to draw the attention of discerning clients and top industry talent, solidifying their status as pioneers in eco-conscious construction. As the gala on November 2nd approaches, it promises to be an exciting convergence of EnviroBuild and other industry leaders, a celebration of excellence, and a source of inspiration for further advancements in construction practices.