Can you Paint Composite Decking?

Composite decking has gained significant popularity in recent years due to its durability, low maintenance nature, and aesthetic appeal. However, people often wonder if you need to or can paint composite decking.


What Makes Composite Decking Different

Composite decking is a blend of wood fibres, recycled plastics, and bonding agents. Its construction results in a material that is highly resistant to rot, warping, and insect damage. Unlike traditional wood decking, composite boards are designed to be long-lasting and require minimal upkeep. Allowing you to enjoy your decking stress free for generations.

Can you Paint Composite Decking

One of the many benefits of Composite decking is that it does not require painting or treating unlike traditional timber. Composite decking is designed to have a long-lasting colour and resist fading, staining, and scratching, thanks to its protective outer layer. Unlike traditional wood decking, composite boards do not need to be stained, painted, or sealed to maintain their appearance and durability. They can withstand various weather conditions and retain their colour over time. Which makes it a very popular choice for anyone looking for a stress free low maintenance option. However, if you do wish to paint your decking to change its aesthetic and colour you can, but the protective layer on the boards can make it a difficult task.

The Challenge of Painting Composite Decking

While composite decking offers numerous advantages, its surface poses a challenge for paint adhesion. The protective outer layer of composite decking is designed to resist fading, stains, and scratches, which is great for preserving your deck, but makes painting difficult. On top of that the composite materials expand and contract throughout the year, which can cause paint to crack and peel off over time.

Why Do you Need to Paint Timber Decking?

Unlike Composite Decking timber deck boards do not have a protective layer, making them more venerable to the elements. Which is why painting and staining wood decking is essential to ensure its longevity, visual appeal, and resistance to damage. Painting and staining wood decking provides necessary protection, shielding the wood from moisture, UV rays, and other environmental factors that can cause rotting, warping, and fading. It is also important to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the wood, accentuating its grain patterns and colours. It is recommended to paint or stain a timber deck every 2-3 years.

How to Paint Composite Decking

It is not recommended to paint composite decking, however if you have your heart set on changing the colour you can paint composite decking, but it is not a straightforward process. To achieve the desired results, you need to follow a specific set of guidelines and use the appropriate products.
Firstly, thoroughly clean the composite decking using a mild detergent, water, to remove any dirt, debris, or mould that could affect paint adhesion. Lightly sand the surface of the boards to enhance paint adhesion. Use a fine-grit sandpaper and follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Apply a high-quality primer specifically formulated for composite materials to create a suitable base. Select a 100% acrylic latex exterior paint, as it offers better durability and flexibility to withstand the expansion and contraction of the composite decking. Use a brush or roller to apply the paint evenly across the boards. Follow the paint manufacturer's instructions regarding drying times and the number of coats needed. Lastly regularly inspect and maintain the painted composite deck to ensure its longevity and touch up any areas become worn or peel.
If you prefer to change the appearance of your composite decking without painting, you can consider staining as an alternative. Unlike paint, stains penetrate the composite material, providing a more natural look. However, it is crucial to choose a stain specifically formulated for composite decking and follow the manufacturer's instructions for application.

Do You Need to Paint Or Stain EnviroBuild Composite Decking?

EnviroBuild Composite Decking will never require painting or staining and is the perfect low maintenance decking option for any home. Our decking is engineered to withstand the toughest weather conditions and designed to last for years to come. Unlike traditional wood, composite decking is resistant to rot, insects, and fading, meaning there is no need for painting, staining or sealing. Whilst the non-slip, anti-splinter nature of deck boards offer a solution that is safe for the whole family, thanks to the unique blend of materials provides excellent traction even when wet, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Allowing you spend more time to relax and enjoy our outdoor space with your family.