RHS Tatton Park Flower Show Garden Guide

Explore the best gardens from RHS Tatton Park Flower Show 2023

Explore the horticultural paradise nestled within the picturesque grounds of Tatton Park. Discover the enchanting gardens of the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show. Showcases a myriad of breath taking floral displays, innovative garden designs, and inspiring ideas for green-fingered enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. From intricate show gardens that transport you to far-off lands to vibrant floral arrangements that dazzle the senses, the gardens at RHS Tatton Park are a celebration of creativity, beauty, and the boundless wonders of nature.

J. Parker’s Chained to Tech Garden

To mark their 90th anniversary, J. Parker's returns to show gardens with a thought-provoking design that explores the impact of screen-based technologies on physical and mental well-being. Drawing inspiration from the visual allure and addictive nature of technology, the garden emanates boldness and contrast, reflecting the instant gratification and euphoria associated with using screens. The artwork behind the arbour and the path pattern mimic the shape of a USB socket.
The garden's hard landscaping, from afar, appears immaculate with sleek lines and smooth edges, but upon closer inspection, the raw, weathered, and distressed materials symbolize the toll of technological overuse on mental health and physical deterioration. Through the inclusion of brass strips, reinforcing bars, black wires, and laser-cut corten steel, the design cleverly references technology components like electronics and circuit boards. Old devices find new purpose within the bench gabions, while the gaming-inspired paving adds a unique touch.
Drought-tolerant plants like Phormium tenax and Punica granatum (pomegranate) are chosen for their association with dry eyes caused by screens and the decline in physical activity and self-care. To add vibrant splashes of color, eye-catching yellow foxtail lilies and blue agapanthus complete the garden's captivating display. With key plants such as Eremurus (foxtail lily), Hemerocallis (daylily), Agapanthus, and Cordyline, J. Parker's show garden sparks conversation about the effects of technology addiction while celebrating their longstanding legacy as a family-owned business.
Silver Gilt medal winner, People’s Choice Best Show Garden, Best Construction Award
Designed by: Rachel Platt
Built by: Everest Garden Landscapes
Sponsored by: J.Parker’s

The RHS and MEN Ginnel Garden

A ginnel, known by various names across the UK, such as alleyway or snicket, is a narrow passage between rows of houses, often overlooked in urban residential areas. The Ginnel Garden serves as a compelling example of community collaboration, showcasing how a small space can be transformed into a communal green area catering to residents' diverse needs. Fruit and vegetable cultivation and the inclusion of pollinator-friendly plants encourage biodiversity in the city. The garden boasts a charming touch as the edimentals were grown by children from Williams' school gardening club.
Remarkably, everything in the garden is crafted from repurposed fly-tipped rubbish, where old trampolines become hanging basket holders and bathtubs transform into spacious planters. Each individual area reflects the personality of the specific neighbour who nurtures it, while collectively, the garden harmoniously functions as a community space. After the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park, the garden will find a new home in Manchester's Moss Side, where Williams will continue to mentor the residents, ensuring the garden's ongoing success. Key plants in this vibrant space include salad crops, agapanthus, petunia, and busy lizzies.
Designed by: Jason Williams (Cloud Gardener UK)
Built by: Crowton Rowarth
Sponsored by: Manchester Evening News

Brickyard Garden

Brickyard draws inspiration from the traditional brick-walled backyards and industrial fabric of northern cities, reimagining these historical spaces for modern living while fostering nature's flourishing within them. The authentic urban heritage is mirrored in the reclaimed red brick thoughtfully chosen by Reclaimed Brick Company in Sheffield, along with corten steel expertly crafted by artisans at Cheshire's Steel and Scape. For functional and eco-friendly seating, Ferrious of Altrincham provides contemporary solutions.
At the heart of the garden, Granby Stone, a distinctive material developed by Granby Workshop, utilizes recycled waste brick from Victorian terraced houses to create striking water tanks and suspended planters. Designed by Andrea Ku of B4Biodiversity, these stone features and grow-frames offer habitats for wildlife, promote companion planting, and nurture edible produce and bumblebees. A welcoming fire pit becomes the perfect spot for gatherings and cooking homegrown delights.
Under the enchanting tree canopy, borders sway with captivating perennials and grasses, showcasing the potential of these "awkward" spaces for vibrant growth. The scent of jasmine fills the air as visitors walk beneath the shade of the fruiting fig tree. Following the show, Brickyard will find a permanent home in partnership with Feeding Liverpool, serving as a testament to the transformation of urban spaces into thriving, nature-rich environments. Key plants featured in this captivating space include Hemerocallis (daylily), Jasminum (jasmine), and Ficus carica (fig).
Gold medal winner, Best Terrace and Slim Space Garden, Peoples Choice Best Terrace and Slim Space Garden
Designed by: Conal Studio
Built by: Acorn Landscape Services

Alfresco Show Garden

The outdoor kitchen space takes centre stage as the heart of social gatherings, allowing hosts to cook while still engaging with their guests. The design ensures ample room for entertaining, surrounded by charming décor, attractive planting, and delightful details, all boasting a fresh colour palette of silver, grey, and white.
The presence of graceful grasses adds movement and echoes the McMaster ornate wooden sculptural lighting. Fragrant rosemary forms a hedge in the planters at the garden's rear, beautifully balancing the feature trees at the front.
Alfresco epitomizes the delight of outdoor entertaining, skilfully blending hard landscaping with soft planting to create a harmonious garden meant to be shared and cherished. With key plants such as Delphinium, Agapanthus, Echinacea, and Astrantia, this garden showcases how the perfect fusion of elements can create an inviting and enjoyable space for gatherings in the great outdoors.
Silver medal winner
Designed by: Pip Probert
Built by: Wez Salthouse
Sponsored by: Charles & Ivy, Pavestone, MacMaster, Baked Tiles, Beers Building Supplies and Brentwood Moss Nursery

The Empowerment Garden

This garden, co-designed by users of Petrus, individuals experiencing homelessness or at risk, embodies the liberating, elevating, and unifying aspects of gardening. At the heart of the garden, curved seating surrounds a barbecue area, inviting moments of contemplation, immersion in nature, and social interaction. Encircling this space, tall edible plants like peas and beans enclose the area, creating a stronger connection to the natural world and offering access to fresh, nourishing produce. The addition of a bubbling water feature adds a soothing soundscape.
The garden's diversity is further enhanced by an abundance of pollinator-friendly flowers in calming hues of blue, purple, apricot, and white, complemented by shrubs, trees, and herbs, promoting biodiversity and benefiting both people and the environment. The copper tones of the corten screens and path, along with the blues of the planters and painted wall, harmoniously resonate in the carefully chosen plant palette. In summary, this garden beautifully demonstrates how even small spaces can incorporate edibles while maintaining an appealing and attractive appearance. Key plants featured include black-leafed elder, sage, dahlias, rosemary, and apple trees.
Silver medal winner
Designed by: Rachael Bennion, co-designed with Petrus service users
Sponsored by: M&Y Maintenance and Construction, Eric Wright Charitable Trust, Garden 360 UK

Elements Garden

This compact urban garden harmoniously combines the natural elements of wood, fire, water, and wind, representing a section of a larger terraced garden. Created as a serene sanctuary for a young, eco-conscious couple, it embraces biodiversity, privacy, and an appreciation of nature's rhythms. A meandering hoggin pathway leads to a sunken retreat, featuring a biochar kiln and a nearby planted water feature. The sunken area's low seating provides a sense of connection to the landscape. The garden boasts low-maintenance flowering perennials and self-seeding annuals, creating a vibrant yet tranquil palette, inviting pollinators.
With an emphasis on nature's role in offering respite in urban settings, the garden employs sustainable materials such as steel and wood, incorporating deadwood for natural texture. Trees underplanted with ferns and mosses offer shelter, while grasses add movement and sound. A native hedge forms the rear boundary, seamlessly blending with the established perennials. This design exemplifies how small gardens can be both beautiful and teeming with life and interest while remaining manageable and low-maintenance for those with limited time and resources. For instance, a clever handmade water feature made from a drilled piece of wood allows water to trickle through, offering an easily replicable idea. Key plants featured include Echinacea, rowan, fennel, and mint.
Silver Gilt medal winner
Designed by: Christine Leung and the Taproot Guild
Built by: No Hassell Landscapes
Sponsored by: Regenerus and Taking Root in Bootle, Sovini Trade Supplies

Constructing Minds

Mental Oasis: A garden designed as a serene and calming space, offering solace to those facing mental health challenges in the construction industry. A journey through the corten steel portico leads to a curving pathway surrounded by gentle planting. The Consultation Glade provides a private setting for one-to-one counseling, while the Inner Sanctuary, adorned with wildflowers, offers a secure and secluded retreat. The sound of a babbling stream fills the air, complemented by a dead-wood dam and fallen leaves, creating an authentic natural environment. The Wildflower Meadow is inspired by shinrin-yoku, the Japanese practice of 'forest bathing,' promoting rejuvenation through immersion in nature. The design, resembling the taproot structure of an oak tree, fosters a sense of being rooted to the environment. This garden supports construction industry charities, Band of Builders, and Mates in Mind.
Silver Gilt medal winner, Best Show Garden
Designed by: Carolyn Hardern and Jon Jarvis
Built by: The Landscape Academy
Sponsored by: SED Services
ECK Civil Engineering, J A Jones nursery, Leeds College of Building, Lux Unique, Quarry Landscapes, Sunbelt Rentals and Vestre

The Macmillan Legacy Garden: Growing the future together

The Macmillan Legacy Garden embraces the theme of "Growing the Future Together," celebrating the remarkable generosity of ordinary individuals who, through leaving a gift in their will, offer hope to those battling cancer. The triangular garden is accessible from all sides, enclosed by a metal pergola symbolizing a gift-wrapped present. Within this elegant structure lies a tranquil water feature, serving as a focal point for reflection, while a young birch sapling embodies the promise of a brighter future through legacy giving.
Beneath the shade of three towering birch trees, representative of Macmillan's services funded by gifts in wills, the garden features a delicate blend of airy grasses for graceful movement, complemented by perennials in serene shades of white, green, and soft yellow, with occasional bursts of blue. Key plants: Salvia, Achillea, Agapanthus, Betula (birch)
Silver medal winner
Designed by: Lynn Cordall
Built by: Mustard Seed
Sponsored by: Macmillan Cancer Support

The Balanced Garden

This garden offers a serene and well-designed space adorned with vibrant, sensory planting and thoughtful additions to accommodate children's play. The focal points include a lively tiled wall and a soothing water feature, complemented by a floating timber bench and a sandbox.
The garden's main objective is to provide an enjoyable environment for both adults to relax and socialize and for children to play and explore, all within a limited space. Striking a harmonious balance, it ensures that children and their toys do not dominate the space. The sandbox cleverly serves as storage and seating, while a blackboard invites spontaneous artwork. The Scottish pebble path, resembling marbles when wet, adds a playful touch. All elements are child-friendly and easily accessible, ensuring safety and practicality, such as the shallow water pool for washing hands and toys.
This design beautifully demonstrates how small family gardens can cater to both generations without becoming excessively focused on children. Achieving a functional balance, it remains aesthetically pleasing, wildlife-friendly, and adorned with delightful plants, including daisies, which are known to attract children with their appealing form. Key plants: Sesleria (autumn moor-grass), Rudbeckia (black-eyed Susan), Echinacea (coneflower)
Gold medal winner
Designed by: Amy Gunning
Built by: George-Stone Gardens

Off the Grid Garden

Themed around sustainable living in a forest environment, this garden showcases how one can coexist harmoniously with nature while being self-sufficient. The centrepiece of the garden is a sunken, luxurious lodge, encompassed by retaining walls constructed from chopped logs. The use of logs extends to crafting a bike rack and a table made from a tree stump, creating an authentic forest ambiance. Sandstone steps and paving pay homage to the natural sandstone prevalent in the local area.
Towering pine and birch trees add height and preserve the garden's natural theme, forming a serene canopy. Modern elements like the cantilevered outdoor shower, which can be controlled via Bluetooth, blend seamlessly with the contemporary design of the lodge. In keeping with the informal woodland style, the garden features a limited planting scheme, primarily composed of various textural greens like ferns, nettles, and bracken, complemented by splashes of royal purple from herbaceous plants such as Digitalis purpurea. Edibles like pak choi and rocket thrive in Corten steel planters, harmonizing with the garden's sustainable concept. The garden features ferns, pines, birch, pak choi, rocket in the design.
Gold medal winner, Best Young Designer Garden, People’s Choice Best Young Designer Garden, Best Construction Award.
Designed by: Nathan Webster
Built by: Wright Landscapes
Sponsored by: Wright Landscapes, Forestry England, Magnet, Lyons Stonework, MKM and Domis Construction
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