Oak Meadows Luxury Home Cladding

The client was searching for a luxury yet eco friendly material to add texture and dimension to their design, that also seamlessly integrated with the natural beauty of the surrounding oak meadow. Their vision was to achieve a perfect harmony between modern luxury and the serenity of the environment. The chosen material had to exude a sense of high-end sophistication while effortlessly blending into the lush surroundings. A key consideration was also the adherence to stringent safety regulations, prompting the need for a fire-rated product to ensure the resilience and safety of the build.

The Solution

Nestled in the picturesque village of Middleton, Oak Meadows is a meticulously designed residential development spanning a 2.5-hectare site. Crafted by award-winning architects and curated by leading interior designers, the scheme encompasses 61 new homes, with a commitment to sustainability, contemporary aesthetics, and a refined palette of robust materials, Oak Meadows promises a harmonious blend of luxury, functionality, and natural beauty.
Oak Sentinel Composite Cladding
was selected to add texture and depth to the complex, whilst also contributing to a sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, and safe living environment, harmonizing with natural surroundings, boasting a B fire rating for safety compliance, and aligning seamlessly with the client's commitment to eco-friendly construction, thereby enhancing both aesthetics and environmental responsibility.

The Outcome

Sentinel Composite Cladding in oak
was selected to infuse contemporary allure into the design. The warm oak colour not only contrasts beautifully with the red brick elements but also seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings, complementing the nearby oak trees and foliage.
The selection of this cladding was driven by its B fire rating, ensuring compliance with safety regulations while offering a sleek and modern appearance. The sustainability credentials of the material further solidified its position as the perfect choice, aligning seamlessly with the client's commitment to eco-friendly construction. The combination of a contemporary aesthetic, fire safety compliance, and sustainable features makes EnviroBuild's Sentinel Composite Cladding an ideal addition, enhancing both the visual appeal and environmental responsibility of the project.

Project Details

Location: Darlington, UK