Multi Coloured Contemporary Cladding

Hana was looking for the perfect materials for her garden showcasing the beauty of recycled materials. The garden concept was inspired by the excess of plastic packaging used in horticulture, particularly non-recyclable plant pots and compost bags. It is a space that is made of recycled plastic but is also green and beautiful. It is a showcase for playful use of recycled plastic and contemporary landscaping materials. It is a green oasis on top of a restored landfill. Meaning all the materials used in this project had to be both visually capitating and incorporate recycled plastic. Making EnviroBuild Cladding the perfect choice.

The Solution

Hana chose Hyperion Pioneer Composite Cladding in all colours to clad the sustainable arched garden room. To create a unique and eye catching design with strong sustainability credentials. Hyperion Composite Cladding is made using 90% recycled materials making in the perfect option. The cladding used in the project helped diverted 746.6 Kgs of plastic from landfill which is the equivalent of 36,398 plastic bottles.

Customer Feedback

“I chose EnviroBuild because of their environmental credentials, high recycled content in their product and their commitment to sustainability. The fact that their decking and cladding comes in a variety of nice colours and finishes was just an added bonus that allowed me to create a more eye-catching design.”

Project Details

Size: 18sqm
Decking Case Study:
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Hana Lenord
Location: Hampton Court
Garden room:
Alfresco Arch
Wildflower turf:
George Davies Turf