Luxury Low Maintenance Garden Decking

Lynne reached out to EnviroBuild looking for a the perfect low maintenance and sustainable flooring for her eco conscious garden design. She loved the sustainability credentials of the composite decking and up to 90% recycled content and explored the range of grey options and decided on Silver Birch Explorer Composite Decking for her project.

The Solution

Silver Birch Explorer Composite Decking was selected for the project to provide the perfect base for Lynne's luxury sustainable garden. The garden will feature an array of edibles that you can grow at home in shades of green, which will provide bright pops of colour and contrast nicely against the silver birch decking and white furniture and accents. The silver birch decking also nicely compliments the white furniture chosen and the pergola made from salvaged white windows. The silver birch decking overall is the perfect shade and brings a sophisticated feel to the space, a great contrast to the salvaged and upcycled pieces in the garden.

Customer Feedback

" I have chosen the companies that I am working with for my  Chelsea garden very carefully. I wanted to work with innovators, companies offering products using recycled material, companies with a strong sustainability ethos. Envirobuild are just that, one of my tribe, putting planet and purpose at the forefront of what they do."
“It is an incredible privilege to be able to use EnviroBuild’s latest products in my upcoming design. Not only is their Explorer decking very sleek and beautiful, it is also environmentally friendly and sustainable, something that we should all strive to use.”

Project Details

Size: 63.3m2
Lynne Lambourne
Location: Chelsea