Metal Substructure

MESA adjustable steel support pedestals provide non-combustible solutions for a variety of applications.


A-Class to EN 13501-1

Long Lasting

20-Year limited warranty

Heavy Duty

Support up to 1000kg

Adjustable Height

Heights ranging: 10-500mm


Adjustable Steel Pedestal

Versatile flat head support.

Non-combustible adjustable support pedestals provide efficient installation for most substructure systems.

Steel Joist Cradle

Specified to secure joists.

Featuring a built in slope correcting system, this non-combustible steel cradle holds joists firmly and securely in place.

Steel Slope Corrector

Built-in slope correction.

Versatile flat head with a slope correcting mechanism to tackle uneven surfaces or implement a required gradient.

Aluminium Joists

Non-combustible bearers.

MESA joists are made from T6 6063 Aluminium Alloy and are 100% recyclable. With a central channel to allow flush fixing screws.

Wind Uplift Solutions

Meeting wind-uplift standards.

Engineered with wind-uplift security in mind. MESA Non-Combustible Adhesive is applied to the substructure to prevent wind-uplift.


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Paving Gasket

Uniform positioning & spacing for suspended paving systems

Protective Rubber Membrane

Secure base to support pedestals & protect roofing membranes

2 mm Paving Fixer

Quick & secure paving installation on aluminium joist systems

Technical Specification

Height10 - 500 mm adjustable height range
Head size90Ø / 100 x 100 mm
Base size100 x 100 mm
Reaction to fireA2 s1 d0
Warranty20 year limited warranty
CoatingElectrophoretic coating making it suitable for outdoor use
Salt Spray TestBS EN 1670:2007/Cor.1:2008 & EN ISO 9227:2017(E) - PASS

Pedestal Strength

TypeBreaking PointWorking Load
Adjustable Steel Flat Head>2000kg1000kg
Adjustable Steel Joist Cradle>2000kg1000kg
Adjustable Steel Slope Corrector>1,250kg250kg

Technical Downloads

  • MESA Aluminium Joists Technical Specification
  • MESA Adjustable Steel Flat Head Pedestal Technical Specification
  • MESA Adjustable Steel Joist Pedestal Technical Specification
  • MESA Adjustable Steel Slope Correcting Pedestal Technical Specification
  • Commercial Non-combustible Systems Brochure
  • All Non-combustible Downloads
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