Porcelain Decking

Non-combustible heavy-duty vitrified porcelain decking slabs, purposely specified for outdoor areas and which comply with the latest fire safety laws.

Fire Resistant

A-Class to EN 13501-1

Wind-uplift Solutions

Heavy-duty, secure paving systems

Easy Installation

Flat roof & steel beam systems

Legally Compliant

Built to adhere to BS:8579


Wind-uplift on steels

The all-purpose wind-uplift and drainage paving solution.

This system works with any sized porcelain and allows it to be used with open steel subframes. Drainage pieces sit at the perimeter, collecting water and directing it to a single drainage point. MESA Non-combustible Adhesive is spread between the steel trays and the porcelain paving, preventing the wind-uplift of paving slabs.
Steel trays can span 750 mm and work on all commercial balconies & terraces with steel beam support structures. For height flexibility, the trays can be used with joists and shims, or they can simply be laid directly to steel.

Wind-uplift on pedestals

The simplest wind-uplift system.

Non-Combustible Adhesive by MESA is an A2 fire rated epoxy adhesive. The adhesive holds the paving slabs to the joists beneath, preventing the uprooting of slabs in the event of very strong winds.
This system uses joists with easily adjustable steel cradles to give total control over the height and slope of the structure.

Flat roof system

Fast and secure installation with uniform positioning.

Designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of both commercial and residential spaces this non-combustible fire rated system uses gaskets with adjustable steel pedestals and slip-proof rubber membranes to provide security, strength and adaptability where it is needed most. Paving spacer gaskets and edge bars ensure perfect spacing between slabs and at the perimeter.

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