Click vs Dryback LVT

What are the differences between Click and Dryback Luxury Vinyl Tiles

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Our Sisu range offers two collections of vinyl floor tiles with different installation systems: Click LVT and Dryback LVT.

LVT Click Profile

Click vinyl flooring profile

LVT Dryback Profile

Dryback vinyl flooring profile
Click LVTDryback LVT
Fitting'Click' to lock tile in placeLay & stick with adhesive and heavy duty roller
AdhesiveNot required. Can use underlay for faster installation & sound reductionWe recommend using UltraBond Eco VS90+
InstallationBasic - DIY, requires no expert knowledge or equipmentProfessional - Requiring an expert with specific equipment & training
BenefitSave on the cost of using a professional installerStrongest wear layers for maximum durability & ergonomic cost/spec ratio
Wear layer0.3 mm0.55 mm
Profile4 mm2.5 mm
Ideal forResidential or small commercial areaLarge commercial or heavy footfall area


Click LVT

The major difference between these two options is their fitting system. Click tiles are locked into place using a tongue-and-groove method, where tiles are securely ‘clicked’ together. No adhesive is required, making them suitable for DIY installation at home with the help of our Click Installation Guide and video.

Dryback LVT

On the other hand, Dryback tiles are fitted using adhesive and a heavy duty roller. You will most likely need a professional to help you with this, which we are happy to recommend from our list of experienced installers. Our Dryback Installation Guide offers additional information and instruction.


Click LVT

With a wear layer of 0.3mm, our LVT Click tiles are ideal for residential projects and small commercial areas.

Dryback LVT

In contrast, our Dryback tiles are more suited to larger commercial spaces and areas with heavier footfall, with a thicker wear layer of 0.55mm.


Whichever option you choose, both have long warranties. Sisu Dryback comes with a 10 year commercial warranty, and the Click has a 25 year residential warranty.
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