Composite Decking Installation

How to install Hyperion® Composite Decking.

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Installing a deck takes place in three stages: Constructing the Subframe, Laying the Decking, Edging and Finishing.

Constructing the subframe

A deck requires a substructure or subframe to provide support for the boards. With your subframe levelled and stable, you can start installing your deck boards.
If you are installing a
picture frame border
, ensure you install the correct substructure layout.

Laying the deck boards

We highly recommend using a
hidden fastener system
to install your decking. The two main advantages of this system are:
  1. The deck is not drilled into directly - avoiding damage to the boards and ensuring longevity.
  2. A pristine finish due to the screws being hidden.
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Edging and finishing your deck

There are a variety of finishing boards that can be implemented to neaten up your deck. They are used to hide the substructure and provide crisp looking edges. This includes
corner trims
fascia boards
edge boards
If you are installing edge boards, it is recommended to install the trim before installing the deck boards.

Useful Information

Decking Installation Guide

Before you begin

Prior to installation, your boards must be acclimated for at least 72 hours on site. When the boards arrive, cover them with a ground sheet.

Step 1

Installing starter fasteners

The first board must be fixed with starter fasteners that will clip to the side groove of the board:
  • Align the starter fasteners along the first joist, every 300mm along the joist length.
  • Securely screw each fastener to the joist.

Step 2

Laying the first deck board

  • Simply slide the first decking board so that it clips to the starter fasteners.

Step 3

Securing the board

To fix adjacent boards, place hidden fasteners (3mm or 6mm) into the grooved edge of the fixed board and insert the secure screw into the hidden fasteners.
  • Screw holes should be lined up with joist centres.
  • Ensure the counter sunk section of the hidden secure fastener is facing up.
  • Install 1 hidden fastener on each joist.
  • Always use hidden fasteners at board ends.
  • Use 1 fastener per board end at butt joints (never share a fastener across 2 board ends)
  • For 6mm hidden fasteners, lightly screw in place, do not tighten at this point.
  • For 3mm hidden fasteners, fully tighten the screw at this point.

Step 4

Laying the next board

Place the next board into position against the hidden fasteners.
  • Slightly raise the outer edge of the board being installed and slide it onto the hidden fastener.
  • Ensure the decking board edge contacts the spacer tab.
  • Lightly tap into position if required.

Step 5

Tightening the fasteners

Fully tighten the hidden fasteners between the last boards installed.
  • Apply sideward pressure on the decking to ensure that the tabs are hard up against the inside of the decking groove.

Step 6

Repeat for following boards

Repeat steps 3 - 5 until you have reached the last two boards. The last boards can be fixed in one of two ways depending on the fasteners being used.
This will be different if you are planning to use
edge boards
or a
picture frame border

Step 7

Installing the final two deck boards

6mm Hidden Fastener Method

Knowing the width of the last 2 boards including the 6mm spacing gap between them, mark on the last joist where the outer edge of the final board would lie.
  • Using these marks, install the hidden starter fasteners securely in place for the outer edge of the last board.
  • Clip the last decking board to these starter fasteners.
  • With the final board in place, insert the penultimate board.
  • With the 2 boards in place and at least a 6mm gap between them, slide down the required number of 6mm hidden fasteners
  • Secure the fasteners to the joists in between the last boards
Please note: This option will only work with the 6mm hidden fasteners. If you are planning on using the 3mm fasteners, you must use the below method.

3mm Hidden Fastener Method

With the last board in place after securing all other boards, screw through the bottom edge of the last board at an angle, securing it to the joist at 300mm intervals.
  • Pre-drill pilot holes in the deck boards 2mm wider than the width as the screw shank.
  • Do not over drive screws into the deck boards to avoid the material splitting.