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thrayle house development

Thrayle House Non-Combustible Balcony Paving

Project Breakdown

The redevelopment of Thrayle House involves a collection of new builds with heights of up to 20 storeys.

Recent changes to fire legislation placed a ban on using combustible materials on the external walls and specified attachments of new high-rise buildings. Materials used in the construction of relevant residential buildings have therefore been limited to those with a fire-rating of Class A1 or A2 under EN13501-1 standards. Orientated around quality and high specifications, Thryale House was after a balcony flooring system to support its 170 new homes, accommodating for a variety of resident needs, from the elderly to families and couples.

envirobuild balcony paving
envirobuild balcony paving

The Solution

Designed to comply with all current legislation, EnviroBuild’s Luxury Porcelain Tiles were selected to furnish all balconies across the Thrayle House collection. These complete non-combustible balcony systems offer solutions to meet the requirements of any project without compromising on quality or sustainability. Iron, from the Ergo collection, was selected to beautifully accompany the existing shades of the build, supporting the charismatic aesthetic developed through its local connections. Along with its reliable non-combustibility, a variety of impressive benefits include anti-fade technology, scratch resistance and low maintenance requirements for resident security and ease.

Project Details

Size: 460m²

Colour: Iron

Product: Luxury Italian Porcelain

Substructure: MESA Paving Supports

Location: London

envirobuild commercial paving

Porcelain Paving