ICE Awards Finalists for 2024

EnviroBuild is delighted to be a finalist for the prestigious ICE Awards 2024. As a leader in sustainable construction, we're honoured for our commitment to environmental excellence. This recognition highlights our dedication to eco-friendly practices and innovative solutions. It's a testament to our team's hard work in advancing sustainability. We're grateful to the ICE Awards and remain devoted to revolutionising the construction industry for a greener future.

EnviroBuild is thrilled to announce our selection as a finalist for the esteemed ICE Awards 2024, marking our second consecutive year as a finalist. This recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to environmental excellence and innovation in sustainable construction.

The Irish Construction Excellence Awards

The ICE Awards, short for the "Innovation in Construction and Engineering" Awards, recognise outstanding achievements and advancements within the construction and engineering industries. These prestigious awards celebrate innovation, excellence, and sustainability across various categories, showcasing ground breaking projects, technologies, and practices that shape the future of the built environment. Hosted annually, the ICE Awards serve as a platform to honour industry leaders, inspire creativity, and drive positive change within the construction and engineering sectors.

The Construction Product Innovation category,

EnviroBuild is honoured to announce our selection as a finalist for the ICE Awards in the Construction Product Innovation category, standing alongside esteemed industry leaders including Kilsaran, AG, Ecocem, and Creative Concrete. Our nomination recognises the ground-breaking innovation embodied in our newest product, Fibre Cement decking. This innovative solution represents a significant advancement in sustainable construction, offering unrivalled durability, aesthetics, and environmental performance. Being recognised alongside such esteemed competitors reaffirms our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability within the construction industry. We are grateful for this recognition and remain dedicated to driving positive change in the field of construction product innovation.

Fibre Cement Decking

Fibre Cement decking from EnviroBuild has been named a finalist for the ICE Award's Construction Product Innovation category due to its ground-breaking advancements in sustainable construction. This innovative product offers unmatched durability, aesthetics, and environmental performance, setting a new standard for balcony flooring solutions. Its incorporation of fibre cement technology addresses concerns surrounding combustibility and environmental impact, making it a standout choice for modern construction projects. By providing a safer, more sustainable alternative to traditional decking materials, Fibre Cement decking has earned its place as a finalist, representing a significant leap forward in construction product

The ICE Awards ceremony, where the winners will be revealed, is eagerly anticipated and scheduled to take place on 25th may. As finalists in the Construction Product Innovation category, EnviroBuild is honoured to be part of this prestigious event alongside industry leaders. We look forward to celebrating innovation, excellence, and sustainability in construction as we come together to recognise the remarkable achievements of all nominees.