Brown Raised Garden Decking

Garden Designers Willow Alexander were employed to fulfil the owners vision of a lush, country garden with a secluded entertaining area at the end of the garden. Willow Alexander Gardens sought a sustainable material that seamlessly integrates with the lush country surroundings for the entertaining area. As the UK's pioneer in certified carbon-neutral garden design, every choice was guided by both aesthetics and environmental responsibility. The quest for the perfect material aimed not just for visual appeal but also a harmonious blend within the serene landscape, ensuring a captivating focal point for both relaxation and entertainment.

The Concept

Willow Alexander Garden meticulously curated a rich and diverse planting scheme by blending native and tropical plant varieties. Introducing Corten steel planters and edgings, they added an elegant touch to the garden. To add interest and make best use of the space they opted for a raised entertaining area surrounded by lush planting to offer a secluded retreat to enjoy the picturesque garden view. The choice of walnut composite decking harmoniously complemented the Corten steel elements, contributing to a cohesive aesthetic that seamlessly integrated with the natural colour palette of the surroundings.

The Solution

Walnut composite decking
emerged as the ideal selection for Willow Alexander Garden, aligning seamlessly with both their stringent sustainability criteria and the client's expectations. The decking's natural wood aesthetic effortlessly melds with the surroundings, harmonising with Corten steel accents. The raised composite decking serves as a sunlit haven, providing an optimal space for entertainment and offering a splendid vantage point to appreciate the beauty of the country garden.

Project Details

Size: 24sqm
Product: Hyperion Walnut Pioneer Composite Decking
Designer & Installed: By Alexander Oakley founder of
Willow Alexander Gardens
Location: Kent