Decking Seating Area

The client's vision was to revamp their sprawling lawn garden, aiming to create a stunning and multi-functional space that seamlessly blends modern style with practicality. Their request included the incorporation of multiple seating areas that exude elegance and contemporary charm, all while maintaining ample room for their children to play freely. This project presented an exciting opportunity to combine aesthetics with functionality, ultimately delivering a harmonious outdoor environment that caters to both adults seeking relaxation and kids in search of a playful haven.

The Problem

The client's vision for the garden was a creative metamorphosis from a simple lawn into a multifaceted modern oasis, featuring distinct zones tailored for various purposes. Their requirements included a serene raised seating area, an inviting outdoor dining space, and a preserved patch of lawn for the children to play. Emphasizing a mix of textures and materials, the design incorporated these elements seamlessly. Overcoming the challenge of the uneven terrain, strategically placed steps were introduced to navigate the garden's topography, while a slope was creatively addressed with a safe, aesthetically pleasing material. This transformation not only fulfilled the client's desire for a contemporary outdoor retreat but also ingeniously provided functional and diverse areas within the garden for relaxation, dining, and play.

The Solution

The choice of Frontier Iroko composite decking proved instrumental in elevating the functionality and aesthetics of the garden, serving as the foundation for a contemporary raised outdoor seating area adjacent to the kitchen. The versatile composite material seamlessly extended its role, crafting modern, non-slip steps that gracefully descended to the main garden, as well as forming an additional smaller decking area leading to the lush lawn. This strategic integration not only brought a touch of natural colours and textures to the garden but also skilfully addressed the varied levels within the landscape, introducing dynamic dimensions to the overall design.
Beyond its aesthetic contributions, the non-slip feature of the decking prioritized safety in this family-oriented space, ensuring a secure environment for both adults and children to enjoy. The Frontier Iroko composite decking, therefore, emerged not just as a practical solution for level transitions but as a design element seamlessly connecting different sections of the garden, promoting cohesion and enhancing the overall contemporary ambiance.

Project Details