Outdoor Dining Decking

Eager to transform their uneven garden into a sustainable lush country haven, the homeowner envisioned functional spaces and a modern outdoor entertaining area. Desiring a seamless blend of aesthetics and utility for warmer months, Willow Alexander Gardens, pioneers in luxury sustainable design, perfectly matched the homeowner's vision, harmonizing varied levels into a vibrant and versatile garden for family and friends' enjoyment.

The Problem

Facing uncertainty with an uneven, sloped garden featuring multiple levels, the owners sought a functional layout maximizing sun exposure. Entrusting the project to Willow Alexander, pioneers in carbon-neutral garden design, ensured a sustainable approach. Every material, meticulously chosen for aesthetics and sustainability, reflected the commitment to creating a visually appealing and eco-friendly haven in line with the certified carbon-neutral standards.

The Solution

Stone Explorer composite decking
proved the ideal selection for the raised outdoor seating area, meeting both the client's and Willow Alexander's high sustainability standards. Comprising 87% recycled materials, and benefiting from a 64% lower carbon footprint than timber. The natural wood textured grain seamlessly integrates with the garden's design, while the grey stone colour contrasts beautifully with Corten steel details, creating a stylish sunlit space for relaxation and entertainment with family and friends.

Project Details

Size: 15sqm
Designer & Installed: By Alexander Oakley founder of
Willow Alexander Gardens
Location: Kent