Secluded Decking Seating Area

The client was looking to create two distinctive yet cohesive areas in their large garden which looked visually stunning that also seamlessly aligned with their eco-conscious lifestyle. They reach out to Willow Alexander Gardens the UK’s first carbon neutral garden design and maintenance company to help create their unique garden concept in the most sustainable way possible.

The Problem

The client was feed up with their sprawling garden that lacked distinct character and purpose. With a large lawn and woodland area which was rarely used. The clients recognised the untapped potential of their large outdoor space and sought to transform the landscape into two contemporary areas that had distinctive personalities but a cohesive aesthetic to create a modern and multifunctional oasis. To create multiple multipurpose areas in the for the clients family and friends ton enjoy.
Willow Alexander Gardens selected EnviroBuild
Stone Composite Decking
to help bring the design to life whilst meeting the clients and the companies high environmental standards.

The Solution

Willow Alexander Gardens crafted a captivating yet functional design which transformed the lacklustre space, showcasing a keen eye for design. By strategically dividing the garden into distinctive zones, each with its own unique personality. Utilising products that not only fitted their creative vision but meet their high sustainability standards.
The family now enjoys a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Notably, Alexander chose to use
EnviroBuild's stone composite decking
consistently throughout the various sections, fostering a sense of cohesion and unity in the overall design. The modern outdoor entertaining area, is strategically positioned off the kitchen is perfectly tailored for family BBQs and socializing with friends. Offering a dynamic and visually striking atmosphere.
Additionally, nestled within the woodlands area, Alexander created a secluded seating oasis, providing a tranquil retreat for immersing in nature. This thoughtful integration of design elements not only enhances the visual appeal of the garden but also ensures that every corner serves a purpose, enriching the family's outdoor experience.

Project Details

Size: 95
Alexander Oakley
Location: Mottingham