Urban Patio Decking

After a new modern kitchen extension and expansive glass wall, the old garden became impractical. Overgrown bushes dominated, and the rotten decking posed hazards. The vision was to infuse urban, contemporary elements, fostering a seamless indoor-outdoor transition while supporting wildlife. To create a relaxing, lush, low maintainence and sustainable garden for the owners to enjoy.

The Concept

Crafted with the owners' desire for a ow-maintenance elegant space perfect for entertaining, two raised seating areas adorned with floating benches provide a harmonious space for dining or fireside chats. A pergola, draped with climbers and festoon lights, adds allure. New slatted fencing ensures garden privacy. To foster tranquillity, a pond beckons wildlife. The raised deck, aligned with the kitchen door, acts as a seamless bridge, enhancing the indoor-outdoor experience.

The Outcome

In line with the owners' commitment to sustainability,
Iroko composite decking
not only brings low-maintenance elegance but also aligns with their desire for a nature-supporting garden. The decking's sustainable credentials harmonize seamlessly with the overall goal, crafting bespoke, year-round floating benches and a raised deck that not only enhance the garden's aesthetic but also contribute to its eco-friendly ethos.

Product Details

Garden Designer:
Katerina Kantalis
Location: Wimbledon, London