Luxury Country Garden Furniture

Eager to elevate their country patio into a deluxe lounging space for garden enjoyment and entertaining, The client sought the ideal garden furniture set to redefine the area. With a focus on luxury and comfort, we curated a selection of premium outdoor furnishings, blending style with durability. The result was a transformed patio that seamlessly combined sophistication with the pleasures of nature, providing the perfect setting for both relaxation and social gatherings.

The Problem

Looking to repurpose their neglected kitchen-adjacent patio, our client envisioned a versatile oasis—a second living room seamlessly extending from the heart of the home. The goal: transform the outdoor space into a lounging and entertaining haven, fostering a connection with the country garden. By marrying comfort with aesthetics, we curated an inviting atmosphere where the joys of indoor living meet the serenity of the outdoors, providing a charming escape right at their doorstep.

The Solution

Livingstone 6-seater sofa
was the perfect choice to metamorphose the country patio into a lavish lounging space. Its luxurious handwoven rattan seamlessly complemented the shiplap effect cladding, creating a visually stunning contrast against the country brick. This meticulously selected ensemble not only elevated the aesthetics but also provided a sumptuous retreat, crafting a luxurious country garden area for both entertaining and relaxation, where style harmoniously met the charm of the outdoors.

Project Details

Size: 6 seater
Location: Essex, Uk